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Trottin' out the biotin

Posted Dec 07 2011 10:44am
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Just a quick post before I head out to my pre-op appointment. I noticed on  that many bariatric patients take biotin   to preserve their hair after surgery. Since my hair is downright wispy anyway, I decided to get a head start and begin taking it now. I haven't noticed much difference on top of my head, but I seem to have a surprising benefit: I'm not having those grinding hunger pains at 2 am that have awakened me ever since starting this very low-calorie pre-op diet.

When I checked out biotin, I saw that it helps with gluconeogenesis , the process by which the liver makes glucose on demand, using non-carbohydrate sources. Well, I am consuming 500 - 700 calories a day, and I was often too hungry to sleep. I've been taking biotin for three days, and I've slept through the night...for three days. Biotin? Coincidence? I really don't care. I'm sleeping through the night.

Now the question becomes, if I took it during the day, would I have the same benefit? Would I better be able to control my hunger? Perhaps some of you would try it, and email me your results. For me, the Isopure drinks keep me full during the day, when I'm active at work. I need the hunger-dampening at night. Biotin isn't expensive. I'm taking one capsule (5,000 mCg) daily. 

No, I am not an Amazon associate anymore, and no, I don't get a kick-back from anyone for plugging products. I know that we all struggle with weight and weight issues, hunger, and self-esteem. When I discover (ahem...stumble upon) something that might benefit us, I try to pass it along. 

Off to Harbor City I go. 74 miles by distance, 90 minutes of travel time. Ahhh, ya' gotta' love Southern California.

The Bionic Broad out.
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