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Tropical Treats: Homemade Fruit By The Foot

Posted Jun 17 2011 8:19am

Recently, I got this email from Shelly:

Hi Amy, homemade fruit rolls

My son loves fruit snacks, but I’m trying to find a healthy alternative. Do you have any suggestions? Everything I have found is sticky and messy.


Shelly :) =

Kids love their fruit snacks, don’t they?  The best thing I did with my kids was to replace the fruit snacks with raisins. It wasn’t an easy transition, but once they realized the gummy snacks weren’t coming back, they slowly became accustomed to their “new” fruit snacks.  

I also have a recipe you might like to try!  This is Homemade Fruit Leather, or “fruit by the foot”.  This process is much easier than you might think it is.

tj eating homemade fruit leather

homemade fruit by the foot

  1. 2 cups frozen mixed fruit (I used a mix bag of tropical fruit. It had frozen pineapples, mangoes, papaya, and strawberries)
  2. Place frozen berries in sauce pan.
  3. Turn on the heat, and mix for about 15 minutes, or until fruit begins to break down.
  4. Pour fruit in blender and blend with add 1/4 cup of water. Mix until VERY SMOOTH!!
  5. Line a cookie sheet with foil, and spray the foil with cooking spray.
  6. Pour blended, smooth fruit onto foil lined cookie sheet.  Tip cookie sheet around to spread to your desired thickness (the thicker it is, the longer it takes to set up, but too thin, and it’s not as tasty!)
  7. Place cookie sheet in oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Without opening the oven door, turn off heat and let it sit for 4-8 hours.   Mine took four yesterday, but our leather was a little too thin. 
  8. Once fruit leather isn’t sticky anymore, and you can tell it is dried throughout, remove pan from oven.
  9. With a knife, and while the fruit leather is still on the foil, cut into long strips.
  10. Slowly peel away the fruit leather from the foil.
  11. Optional step: I sliced wax paper into long strips and rolled up the fruit strips, securing the end with a piece of tape to keep it rolled.  I also placed a dab of water on each end to make the fruit leather stick to the wax paper.

homemade fruit leather

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