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Trip to the O-sizzle

Posted Jul 21 2009 12:48am
Saturday was quite the errand-filled day. I ran to get my hair cut, went to henry's and TJs, gym, etc, etc. This meant I spent a ton of time on my bike! I love living close enough to everything that I can bike to all my errands!

After all that, I was a hungry girl and came home to this salad. Beans, spinach, romaine, oat bran, bell pepps, raisins and sesame dressing. It was perfection!

My pm snack found me quite hungry so I ate a bunch! I had some zucchini and squash with hummus and olive pesto.

Followed by some fruit (this was halfway through munching on it), I think I had a pear and half a nana in total.

All finished off with this slice of ezekiel with freshly made almond butter and blueberry fruit spread. My god this was good and satisfying!

After all that, a nap was in order after all my hard work through the day! :) When I woke up, I packed some snackage for the BF since we were making the drive up to Orange County and he wouldn't get a chance to eat til we got there. I made two sweet potatoes worth of fries (and I ate a good half of a potatos worth).

And had this tasty breakfast slushie/
chia pudding mix. It was half chia pudding and half a chocolate cherry green monster. Oh my god, foodgasm!!!!

I ate some fruit once we got to the O-sizzle and hung out with the BF's fam. I didn't take pics of all my Sunday eats since we were out and about doing stuff with the fam, so here are a few quickie highlights. I had some almond milk + brown rice protein (in the mug and on the cereal) with some goraw granola and banana for bfast.

Later in the day I had a slice of ezekiel with a.b. and cinnamon. There was also lots of fruit snacking involved (like a pear and apple).

At some point, I got my vitamins in Ola Loa form. Looooove this stuff!

And dessert upon returning home was some raw chocolate cherry strawberry ice cream for the BF and I since it was soooooooooooo hot.

Breakfast this morning was
orange cinnamon chia pudding with a slice of ezekiel with almond-hemp spread and fig spread.

My workout was insanely good this morning. I always have the best workouts immediately following my days off. I biked over and did abs and legs in a most painful way this morning! My abs are going to be ridic sore tomorrow!

Recovery shake amazingness!!
1 leaf kale
1 handful spinach
1 packet orange ola loa
3 frozen papaya chunks
3 frozen mango chunks
6 frozen pineapple chunks
1/2 frozen banana
1 scoop brown rice protein
1/2 tbsp coco oil
1/2 tbsp flax oil

The way I do my shakes now is to put about 1/2-3/4 cup water in my shake mixer and add the ola loa. I give it a min to fizzle and combine with the water before adding other stuff. It makes the perfect addition to my shakes!

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