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Posted by C.L. R.

Does anyone have any suggestions on good, portable foods that will keep you healthy while traveling? I have a trip coming up and I've noticed I tend to eat poorly during travel times.
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Good foods for traveling. I've been traveling much more lately, by plane, car, train, and even by foot (hiking to camp), and I've found it easiest to bring light, portable foods-the kinds that are small and prepackaged (granola bars, etc) or something that can be packaged in small plastic bags...dried fruit and organic cereal are my favorites here. They're much healthier, and taste better, than anything you can find on the road or in the sky. In terms of dining out while traveling, I've noticed that more and more restaurants are marking their lighter far dishes with an asterick or other symbol. Some even offer smaller portions of their entrees.
Make a Plan. There are a variety of foods that you can take along. When I am traveling by car I always pack a cooler with water, fresh veggies, yogourt, and fruit. You can take along sandwiches as well for day trips. There are also a lot of dried fruits, fruit chips and other low cal snacks available. Before you go on your trip research the restaraunts near where you are staying. Look at menus online or call them. If you have an eating plan it will help you stay in control.
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