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Travel Fit -- Tips for Exercising Away from Home

Posted Apr 25 2013 12:39pm
Article By: Mike Manning

Park Motel SignHow to Stay Fit While Traveling - 9 Travel Tips
(Photo by S. Jones )

Changes in schedules and routines can get in the way of healthy habits. Travel for pleasure or business comes with the stress of varying schedules and unfamiliar surroundings. Even if you exercise regularly at home, you might find staying fit while traveling to be a true challenge. With a little forward thinking, however, you can find ways to keep moving and stay healthy no matter how far from home your travels take you.

  • Start by finding fitness options for your trip before you leave. A few simple tips will make it easier for you to get that important exercise.
  • Research hotels before you leave. I always make sure to choose a hotel that has 24-hour gym access. On my most recent trip to California, I researched the best San Francisco Hotels and all of their amenities on a travel review site. This helped me to know exactly what to expect when I arrived.
  • If you belong to a nationwide fitness organization, find out if there is one you can use during your travels.
  • If you have the option of choosing your accommodations, look for a hotel that features fitness amenities that fit your personal fitness preferences.
  • Once you leave, take steps to get exercise regularly throughout your trip. Begin with your journey to your destination, and continue to find ways to get fit during your stay as well.
  • On your flight or drive to your destination, take the opportunity to exercise in your seat using simple chair exercises and stretches .
  • When you arrive at your hotel, take a moment to locate any fitness facilities.
  • Before heading to meetings or other activities, stop in your room to stretch or move through a few basic yoga positions to re-ground yourself and regulate your blood flow.
  • Take advantage of short breaks when you can do simple exercises in your room, a secluded area or the restroom. Even ten minutes is long enough to do a quick round of sit ups, pushups and jumping jacks.

No matter where you travel or for how long, the important thing is to make the most of every opportunity. When traveling, you probably won’t be able to complete your full exercise routine like you do at home. If you do what you can when you can, however, you will find it easier to return to your regular healthy schedule when you return home.

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