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Transitions Lifestyle System Easy to Use Glycemic Index Food Guide Transitions Lifestyle Systems

Posted Sep 08 2010 1:54am

Transitions Lifestyle System Easy to Use Glycemic Index Food Guide Transitions Lifestyle Systems

To be succinct, if you’re looking for an excellent book with an extensive glycemic index, this is it!!!!!

3 Stars Glycemic Index – Some Science, Some Not
The GI chart presented in this book is easy to read and pretty complete. The explanation of a high GI diet and the body’s insulin response is pretty simplified. At one point the author then falls back on the popular belief that fat causes heart disease and cites some research she doesn’t seem to have actually read. She does get back on track when she makes the link between low GI foods (meat, cheese, butter, eggs, most vegetables, fruits, nuts)and reduction of heart disease. Fortunately, most of the book is the index itself, which is useful.

5 Stars I learned alot
Great book!! This one gets down to the bottom line quickly. I was a little confused about the role and effects of high glycemic foods. This answered all of my questions in a short period of time. Excellent reference book!!

5 Stars a great and easy source of information
For those of us looking to deal with our type II Diabeties, it is hard to find information that is straight forward and easy to use. This little book is a fantastic tool for monitoring what really needs to be watched, a foods Glycemic Load. There are only 30 pages of text and the rest is a easy to use index. By far the best $4.00 investment I have made in keeping my blood sugar level where it needs to be. I encourage anyone dealing with diabeties to invest in this little book. You will be surprized at what you will learn about the foods you thought were safe, and the one you thought were bad. One note. This book is not aimed at losing weight, just monitoring GL.

3 Stars transitons Lifestyle
ainformative but lacking in GI index relative to American products. Not that it was intentional….the research on the foods hasn’t eactly hit american markets

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