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Transition: the key to your success

Posted Oct 09 2009 10:55am
Hi all,

Happy Wednesday to you. I've had a delectable one with some sunshine, a brilliant astanga yoga class, plenty of productive work time and some delicious raw vegan food (I'll be posting some new recipes later this week so watch out for them!). Now it's a blog post for you, some cuddles with my man and in bed by 11pm. A fantastic day in my books!

I came across an article recently which spoke to me as it is so very relevant to success with a cleansing lifestyle, or in fact when making any lifestyle changes that you want to be permanent and routine in your life. You can read this article, called The Slow Secret: How To Make Lasting Changes In Your Life here. It's a quick and easy read and worth it if you are someone who tends to yo-yo in the changes you make in your life. 

For "over-achievers" it can be hard to slow down and take things step by step at a slower pace than they are used to, but this can in fact be the key to your success, the missing link that has prevented you from getting the results you want in the past. Reading this article inspired me to post an article I wrote earlier this year about the importance of transitioning yourself to a healthier diet over time and at a pace which supports your individual goals, lifetsyle and habits. This article was also included in my eZine Bloom Time (which you can sign up for here if you haven't already).

So take a read of the above article and read my article below. Hopefully they will together encourage you to honour your own needs and personal situation and allow you to progress in your own unique way at your own unique pace. It's all about making lifestyle changes after all, not a week of hardcore "over-achieving" that you can't maintain.

The Importance of Transition

There are some who take drastic steps and make giant changes in their lives and have no problems at all maintaining them. They effortlessly assimilate the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual changes that may occur as a consequence, and the social and personal ramifications integrate seamlessly into their life forever more. This is not the norm. This is the exception.

For the majority, making smaller changes that can be understood, accepted and incorporated into daily life in a more gentle and supportive way, is the best way forward. This is most certainly the case when we look at changing our diet and lifestyle to be more energy and life giving as seemingly small changes can make dramatic shifts occur at a very deep level. And the best thing is that only small changes are needed to see very big, positive results! You can take a deep breath out now if you thought you would have to dive into an extreme new way of eating to get great results. The good news is that it's much safer, gentler and kinder to transition slowly away from what you are doing now to more supportive ways of eating and living.

If you move too quickly you run the risk of feeling awful from all the immediate detoxifying your body will try and do, and by the way, just because your body is given the opportunity to detoxify does not mean it will do so successfully. Your body needs to get the junk out, not just stirred up, to have achieved detoxification. You may also find yourself yo-yo'ing back and forth between foods and choices that don't support you and the newer ways of eating and living because you have jumped in so quickly and not given yourself the time to not only get used to the new choices on a practical level of forming habits and making it fit into your routine, but also on an emotional and social level. This is often where the real challenge lies for many people.

I know it certainly was hard for me emotionally at the beginning as I jumped in making big changes all of a sudden. I had very strong emotional attachments to food and viewed food as my source of comfort, plus a very big habit of overeating for its numbing effect. While I don't regret jumping in because at the time with my ill health I felt it was necessary, with the knowledge and experience I have now I would tell my past self to back off the "all or nothing"  approach and slowly, gently transition myself. It was a bit different for me as I had severe symptoms I needed to get rid of, and quickly, because of all the pain I was in. If it hadn't felt necessary, I know I could have saved myself a lot of pain emotionally and physically if I had moved more slowly.

So unless you are in a dire state of health where you need to make dramatic changes to get dramatic results as quickly as possible, I recommend you slowly start upgrading your food choices, as when combined with easing the load on your digestion, this will be enough to start making very big changes in your body chemistry. Your health and vitality will be improving more by the day thanks to your little bit of help.

Often when people jump in too quickly, particularly to a raw food diet, they overeat on dense foods like nuts and dried fruits. This does not lighten up the body and serve to increase your energy, unless you are coming from a background of heavy meats and sugary foods - then it is definitely a step in the right direction! By slowly making changes ad transitioning carefully, it is more likely you will avoid overeating on even the good foods because you will have let go of attachments physiologically and emotionally bit by bit and as and when you feel able.

I certainly found myself overeating on nuts particularly when I "went raw" even though I knew they didn't make me feel good or increase or even maintain my energy. I had to face the emotional reasons behind this comfort eating to break through it, but I may not have had to if I had transitioned slowly and given my physical body and my emotions time to deal with the changes and accept where I was at. My awareness and consciousness would have increased as I transitioned anyway so it would have been a much easier, steadier gradient to move forward on. You can see why some people who go too deep too quickly find it very hard to get out of a binging and overeating cycle when they change habits overnight. If their emotional body no longer has anything to hold on to for comfort and the emotional issues are still unresolved, you are going to find something to grab onto for comfort. This is one of the main reasons people struggle to stay on any new way of eating, including raw.

So what are some examples of how you might transition yourself? Well if you currently eat steak and vegetables for dinner, choose organic wild fish or organic chicken plus a big salad and some steamed vegetables instead. If you eat spaghetti with commercial bottled tomato sauce, try a spelt, buckwheat or kamut pasta with a high quality tomato sauce made only with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and no sugar, colours and flavourings (or make your own).  If you are a raw foodie, trade up your raw nut, seed and dried fruit meal combos for a big avocado veggie based meal which lightens up the load but still has the fat for comfort and heaviness. There are lots of ways you can do transition your diet. Sometimes it even means adding in a few high quality cooked options to give you the satisfaction and comfort you are after without making you feel like lead after a kilo of nuts. The label "raw" is not the target. It's feeling phenomenal and cleaning up your body so you have wild energy as your biggest "problem"!.

Remember to get your juice in daily as much as possible and then upgrade your other food choices and meal combinations and you will make brilliant progress. Just remember to take it slowly, enjoy the process and make sure you feel comfortable with each change. Then as you accept it, build it into your daily life and practice it, it will be forever.

Effective transition is very personal and individualy tailored. I will be focusing on transition a lot in my coaching with clients as it plays such an enormous role in how much you love the process of getting and keeping your vitality, and so your body, mind and emotions are all in harmony with the changes you make. If you are getting individually tailored coaching, I encourage you to take a very close look at what you are currently eating and follow some of my earlier suggestions to start transitioning yourself to a better diet and therefore a better body and health.

Here's to your gradual and lasting success!

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