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Top Tips For Whole Food Heaven Part 2

Posted Sep 11 2010 6:13pm
Now we’ve seen what whole foods are vs. processed foods, here are a few tips to make getting whole foods into your diet a bit easier

Top Tip #1 – Ease them In
Choose 2 or 3 new whole foods to add to your diet each week and have a little each day. So that could be 3 fruits, 3 vegetables, 3 fresh juices, 3 smoothies, 3 seaweeds etc. Start off by having 2 things a day then building up the next week. So you could have 2 fruits in the morning and raw spinach with your evening meal, but everything else stays the same. Then the next week you have spinach smoothie in the morning , some organic fish or chicken for lunch and a spinach salad with your evening meal

Top Tip #2 – Upgrade
Start to replace lower quality foods with their higher quality, more wholesome version. Start with breakfast foods, then snacks, drinks and main meals. Breakfast cereals can be replaced with whole grain porridges, commercial cartons of juice can be replaced by fresh homemade juice or water, chocolate and snack bars can be replaced with raw chocolate , whole food bars or fresh fruit, frozen microwave lasagnes can be replaced by lasagnes homemade from scratch

Top Tip #3 – Prepare once, eat twice 
In the last tip I mentioned replacing microwave meal with a meal homemade from scratch. There will obviously be a big time difference between the 2, but if you make very large homemade meals that you refridgerate or even freeze, the first meal may take some time, but the other 1 or 2 portions of that meal will only need to be warmed up in the oven or on the stove (don’t even think about using a microwave!!!). Meals that are good to make in big quantities then warm up are soups, stews and baked dishes like lasagnes, fish pies, lentil bakes etc.

Top Tip #4 – Mix it up
Adding small amounts of whole food to cooked dishes is a great way to get whole foods into your diet. You can add grated raw foods to rice for a simple rice salad, add loads of raw foods to cooked pasta for a pasta salad and add loads of whole foods to sandwiches, as three examples of this

Top Tip #5 – Stay focused
Make a simple plan you can stick to, buy everything you need before you get started and remember why you are doing it on a daily basis, so you stay on track, keep adding the whole foods in and start to feel the benefits of getting nutrients into your body.

Have a great day

Take care and stay healthy

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