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Top Five Basic Natural Weight Loss Diet Tips

Posted Sep 17 2010 11:27am
For natural weight loss, here are 5 diet tips for achieving victory. These steps provide the starting point for a lifetime of healthy weight management.

1. Do not skip breakfast.

Diet tips regarding breakfast are everywhere because this has been shown to generate results. Studies reveal that people who make breakfast a priority are less likely to eat excess calories later in the day. Natural weight loss transpires as the body adjusts to more calories in the morning and fewer calories afterward.

2. Start meals with soup.

Soup is essential for natural weight loss because it has lots of water. One study from Penn State University found that people who used two 10 ½ ounce servings of broth based soup each day for a year experienced 50% more natural weight loss than those who consumed the same number of calories from healthy foods .

3. Steer clear of soft drinks.

This is one of those diet tips you cannot overlook when seeking to reach your goals of natural weight loss. Soft drinks increase the risk of becoming overweight and contain unnecessary chemicals with no nutrients. To process the acid and chemicals in just 1 soft drink, a person needs to guzzle 8-12 glasses of water. Plus, one soft drink can have nearly the same number of calories as a candy bar.

4. Avoid distractions at mealtimes.

By eliminating the television, ignoring phone calls, and quieting the mind and body while eating the focus is only on the food, the way it tastes and the texture of each bite. By taking a moment to notice the flavors and textures of the food, it is easier to change how much is really being consumed, which leads to healthy portion control. Some diet tips are crucial for the mind and body when working toward natural weight loss and this is one of the best.

5. Throw away any unhealthy foods.

When unhealthy foods are not around they are not in your thoughts. “Cravings are often fleeting, and if you have to leave the house to go get it, you'll be less likely to do it,” says Roberta Anding, R.D., of Texas Children's Hospital. By applying these diet tips and eliminating unhealthy foods from the house, the foundation for natural weight loss will stand the test of time.
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