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Top 5 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Road Trip

Posted by C.L. R.

1. Pack a cooler. If you are heading off on a roadtrip that will last more than a few days, start it right by bringing a huge cooler stocked with food. Pack lean meats, lettuce, whole grain bread and spicy mustard for a healthy alternative to fast food or roadside diners. Your food - and your ice - will most likely run out in a day or two, but at least you?ve got a great start. 2. Avoid going into the gas station. It's easy to be tempted by the donuts, prepackaged chips and sodas. (I bet the first time you spot that cooler by the door filled with ice-cream is on a roadtrip). Save yourself the temptation and pay for your gas at the pump. 3. Bring gum. Although there is almost nothing on the planet more irritating than the sound of someone popping and cracking away at their gum, if you're alone in the car, you?ll probably want something to do with your mouth. Check out a natural food store before your trip for your healthiest bet. 4. Stock up on bottled water or sparkling juice. Having something to sip on will prevent you from picking up a soda at every rest stop you hit. If you feel you need the caffeine, give into a drive-in coffee place but skip the frills like the flavored mocha. Although that will perk you up for awhile, the sugar let down will make you even more tired in the hours to come. 5. Make good choices for breakfast. Ideally, pack some healthy breakfast options (like whole grain cereal and tiny soy milk boxes) instead of taking your motel up on its Continental Breakfast. You?ll avoid empty carbs from the roll they offer with your coffee.
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