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Top 5 Ways to Avoid a Hangover

Posted by C.L. R.

Alright, we all do it. We all drink. And sometimes, we really regret it the next day. It makes us want to eat bad food, slack off at the gym and more likely to reach for the hair of the dog. What can you do to avoid feeling bad after a night of drinking? Read on... 1. Drink high end alcohol. It's a fact - cheap alcohol is fermented cheaper. That means that congeners, those nasty impurities left after a fermenting process, are more likely to be present. These are the little poisons that contribute to you feeling sick. 2. HYDRATE! It is sooo important to stay hydrated while drinking. A good rule of thumb is a glass of water per glass of alcohol. If you know you're not going to do that, down some Smartwater throughout the day prior to your wild night, to be certain your cells at least start hydrated. 3. Drink lighter. Avoid drinks that have full coloring, as they tend to contain more congeners. Say yes to vodka and no to whiskey. 4. Drink slower. The more alcohol you pour into your body, the harder your liver has to work to expel it. That means your liver can't do its important jobs for the rest of the body, causing a back up in your overall health assembly line. Sip on your drink and give your body time to process it. 5. Say no to smoking. There are many people who smoke when they drink (this is a HEALTH WEBSITE, people!). Don't do it. Cigarettes contain soooo many poisons and chemicals. And do you know by now that yes, it causes cancer? Adding that to alcohol consumption is just a bad idea.
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