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Too much water isn't good for you

Posted by Ivars R.

Researchers examin the benefits of H2O and found "no good secience" behind the 4 major water myths:

- helps extract toxins

- improves skin complexion

- fills you up so your less hungry

- reduces headaches

Myth busted. Read the full story here.

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Hmmm.... my personal experience tell me otherwise, but I'm no scientist. I feel crummy when I don't get enough water. But I'll go read the story anyway, because I've heard this before.
Very interesting...I'm actually with Lela on this one, but perhaps the idea is also that more than a certain amount of water doesn't help you. I've always felt that water is great for my skin, but then again--I used to guzzle water when I was a 13 year old suffering from acne and it didn't really do much back then, so perhaps there's something to this after all. I've noticed as I've gotten older, however, that my body is fairly sensitive to dehydration, so I always try to carry water with me wherever I go, since I tend to not drink as much as I believe I need to.

Clinically you will find that water is necessary, and that many people do not drink enough water. They drink enough liquid and do not experience frank dehydration but they drink diuretics like soda and coffee. Adding water often is not helpful, but replacing a lot of these other drinks with water is.

The trouble with research studies is that they take little snapshots of tiny pieces of physiology and seldom give us a global view. It is not uncommon to improve chornic sinusitis and constipation by instructing a person to drink water (and less soda, coffee, tea, juices and sports drinks)

Most people do not get enough water daily. The trouble with telling the avg. public that drinking "too much" water isn't going to cure all ails, so to speak, is that they will then rationalize their obsessive soda drinking. I actually was thinking on this the other day, the idea that since salad dressing is bad for you, people don't eat salad. As if the salad dressing is the thing that is breaking their diets. While the science may be what it is, the truth of the matter is that the avg. person is eating way too many calories, and drinking many of them as well. If the point is not to feel the need to drink gallons of water a day? I think that's common sense. But it shouldn't be downplaying the importance of choosing water over high-calorie, high sugar drinks. Unfortunately, it's like the Atkins diet. People hear "eat meat, not bread" and think that they can just eat a hamburger patty and bacon all day, without really investing the time to learn what atkins was really all about....

Ah if only there were but one trouble with studies.

We really should have a required course as freshman in college to teach us how to actually read and interpret studies. Instead we rely on the press, which, if studied, I am certain would be determined to have no positive effects on human beings whatsoever. And yet we keep reading and watching.

Please keep in mind that this article is a "study of studies". The two authors in question merely looked at pre-existing studies to arrive at a conclusion. They did not conduct a survey, an observational study nor did they conduct an experimental study.

So I wouldn't be too quick to throw the baby out with the drinking water.

And actually if you read the article, they didn't find any evidence for OR AGAINST water filling you up or reducing headaches. Not quite a myth buster but a whole lot of "well we didn't find one way or the other...."
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