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Today’s Featured Meal is…

Posted Aug 30 2010 10:02pm

I normally feature all my meals but today, after I looked through all my pictures I decided to focus on one since my other two were:

I also snacked on some club crackers and had 2 mint chocolate chip brownies from last night. Meals aren’t too exciting when your crippled and unable to cook for yourself. Maybe Jaemen will be up for another lunch cooking lesson tomorrow…aha! Idea.

I asked my mother to make me two sunny side up eggs, seasoned per usual, with a toasted mini bagel with blackberry jam.


Love this breakfast!

_MG_6948 _MG_6951

I love eggs. Especially the sunny side up variety. What’s your favorite way to have your eggs? I went through a faze where I hated all eggs, but once I started my year of vegetarianism my desire for eggs kicked my love affair into high gear. I think I needed some protein.


To go with my breakfast I had a sliced nectarine. Again, perfect! I think all the ones I had earlier in the summer were all picked too early. They all tasted a little green…eek.


They were so beautiful. I almost didn’t want to eat ‘em.

I had a conflicting day. I’ve been working really hard to not take my pain medication unless I’m having a big day of activity. But my incision was burning and my nerves were going crazy so I took one this morning. I was so sleep deprived that I dozed all morning. I feel like a big part of why I’m not sleeping is because my body became used to the meds and can’t sleep without them. It feels counter productive to take the meds like I did today. But my ankle was hurting… so conflicting.

I’m also becoming crazy antsy. I’ve been sedentary and watching tv for two and a half weeks straight. But my ankle really hurts to be up and around. I’ve been very grumpy from frustration due to boredom and my countless sleepless nights. I’ve been snippy to my family members who are only trying to help me, and I feel awful.

The good news is that I’m healing, and I’m aware of the reason for my feisty behavior so hopefully I will be able to manage it better. I’m so grateful for being able to have the surgery and parents who are so supportive.

Every day is a new day with the potential to be better. Every single day. Tomorrow can be better.

recap of the question… what’s your favorite way to have your eggs?

For breakfast I like mine sunny side up, but I also love to have a fried egg on a hamburger… delicious! :mrgreen:

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