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Toasted Teff Bread

Posted Apr 26 2013 5:14am
It’s Friday, and do you know what that means? Beyond the obvious fact that I am looking forward to the weekend, it means that I am running out of the meals I pre-prepare at the start of each week. the perfect solution is of course microwaveable recipes.

If you have had a chance to explore the way I organize my recipes you will notice that I post a lot of . Today is one of those days where I post another microwavable bread recipe. It is similar to the english muffin recipe and the recipe for the grilled cheese bread. But don’t fall asleep yet, because the great thing about this recipe is how great it crisps in the toaster.

Tip#1: Finish the last 1-2 minutes off with a lower power level. This will discourage tough or chewy edges.

Very easy and quick to make. Prep takes 3 minutes, cooking takes 3 minutes, and voila! Can’t think of anything unhealthy about it, unless you are concerned about the safety of microwaves. The stats:  ~180cal (15 g carbs/3 g fat/ 18 g protein)

I wouldn’t suggest eating this plain, just as I would not suggest eating plain toast. However with the appropriate toppings this bread tastes delicious.

My favourite things about this recipe is the texture after toasting. It is perfectly crispy yet still has that ‘i-used-to-be-soft-bread’ type bite to it.

Toasted Teff Microwaveable Bread
Ingredients: Instructions
•2 tbsp teff flour
•2 tbsp unsweetened whey
•1 tbsp almond milk
•dash of salt
•1 tsp tahini
•1/4 cup egg whites
•1/4 tsp baking powder
1)Mix all dry ingredients

2)Add tahini, egg whites mix well

3)Microwave regular power 1.5min

4)Microwave reduced power (about 75%) for about 1.5min

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General Comments I used a cereal sized bowl for microwaving
Tip #2: Batters and mixtures can be more moist/liquidity compared to baking in the oven. I have not pinpointed exactly why this is the case, however I have consistently noted that a wet batter that comes out cooked firm in the microwave does not always come out firm in the oven (even with plenty of time).

Tip#3: Know when to cover and when not to cover. As a general rule of thumb, cakes and breads do not need to be covered. Items that should be covered include popcorn kernels, rutabaga, and brussel sprouts.

With that I am off to enjoy another weekend. It is great how these weekends never cease to excite me.


How often do you use the microwave? How do you like your toast (nearly done/almost burnt/ect)?

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