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Tired Legs

Posted Nov 14 2008 7:45pm

Wow, what a day!

I honestly did not think I would blog tonight after work but it’s not as if I can go straight to sleep after racing around for almost 11 hours, so this is sort of meditative to me (and I’m about to take a bubble bath as well to ease my achy legs). Actually, the time FLEW by today! I spent the first 8 hours of my day prepping for tonight…I baked 400 rolls, 2 dozen focaccia, dozens and dozens of cheddar wafers, three pies….the list goes on.

Around 5:00 when I heard there was leftover HOMEMADE HUMMUS AND TABBOULI for staff meal I jumped on it!!!!


SO delish and I definitely saved my frozen Kashi meal for tomorrow night! Nick, the sous chef, made this hummus and tabbouli yesterday for a function and it was sooooo yummy! He made the tabbouli with couscous since we didn’t have any bulger wheat and I believe the hummus is roasted red pepper. I made a big salad with a huge sliced tomato and scooped on a healthy portion of it! I also snagged some hot pita wedges but only ate two of them.  

The guys are work give me a hard time since I’m so “healthy” and pack my own meals and snacks such as yogurts and protein bars. They call my food that I pack “jenna-food” and everyone was so excited, saying that staff meal tonight was definitely “jenna-food”! How funny :) Everyday they ask me what jenna-food did I bring today!

As for the rest of the night… was SLOW! And NO ONE wanted dessert! I could not believe it. I worked so hard all day long, had prepped my station perfectly to be ready at the drop of a pin and then no one wanted anything. I was super bummed out! I did manage one dessert though, which came in around 10:00—the last one (and only one) of the night. The name of the dessert is “chocolate chocolate chocolate” and here it is:


That is blood orange soup at the bottom, a tiny flourless chocolate cake, and a tuille cookie with bananas foster inside—topped with a small scoop of chocolate ice cream and a white chocolate garnish.

This one dessert took some time to assemble so I have no idea what I will do tomorrow night when it will definitely be busier! Friday nights are usually much slower than Saturdays!

I did caramelize some mini apples just to get ready if anyone ordered the apple dessert (caramelized apples with calvados ice cream, a mini apple oat tart and cider caramel sauce)—they are so cute!


Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I took some pictures of the savory items on the new menu because they looked faaaantastic! Here’s what I would order if I had dinner at the club: bouillabaisse served in a pumpkin!


Here’s dover sole and scallops:


And some sort of lamb creation:


So, that was all. I got in at 11:30 and left at 10:00 and now am thoroughly exhausted. The maple nut clif bar really made my night though—-it rocked!!! Originally, I planned to eat little bits throughout the night but it was so good that I gobbled down the entire bar at like 7:15! This one is definitely my new favorite!

I’m off to take a bath and get in bed. Tomorrow I work again from noon til 10:00 but I’m taking a rest day from working out (as if I don’t get enough exercise running around at work!) so I plan to hang out in my jammies for a long time in the morning, relaxing.

See you tomorrow!

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