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Tips for Naturally Improving Fertility

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:58pm

More than 6.1 million couples are struggling with infertility and many are turning to conventional means for help. However, like most illnesses that are lifestyle related, making a few healthy lifestyle adjustments can fix the problem.

Depending on a woman's fertility needs, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Try losing weight if your body mass index ( BMI ) is more than 24 (to calculate your BMI go to ). Extra weight makes it more difficult to conceive.
  • To energize your female hormones take 4 oz of aloe a day. While no scientific studies have been conducted on aloe for this purpose, in Ayurvedic medicine it is considered a fertility medicine.
  • If you're suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS ), you might try saw palmetto berry, which helps reduce testosterone levels. Nineteenth-century physicians used it to treat infertility. Taking 3000 mg daily of saw palmetto berry may help stimulate ovulation for some woman.
  • Take the Ayurvedic herb shatavari to rejuvenate the female reproductive tract and the blood, while also strengthening the body. You can start with 1-2 grams daily and work up to 7 grams per day, if needed.
  • Add a little more high-fat dairy to your diet. Research has found eating a low-fat dairy diet was linked to an 85 percent higher chance of infertility. So go have that ice cream!
  • A clean diet and clean living can do wonders to boost fertility. Forget smoking and over indulging. Choose organic foods and go heavy on the fresh fruits and vegetables. For some, a detox diet may be needed to purge the body of life-long exposure to toxins from pesticides, herbicides, drugs, fertilizers and estrogen-mimicking hormones found in many regularly used and consumed products.
Since it takes two to conceive, men can also benefit from making a few healthy adjustments.

  • Eat a healthy diet and live a clean lifestyle as mentioned above.
  • Supplement your diet with 50 mg of zinc and 1000 mcg of folic acid to increase sperm count by as much as 74 percent.
  • Keep the sperm cool by avoiding tight underwear and hot tubs.

Since diet, exercise, and overall health have a huge impact on fertility, it only makes sense to start with steps you can take right now before seeking medical assistance. Of course, when a conventional solution is the only option left, having two healthy bodies to start with can still make all the difference between two lines on a stick and one.

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