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Tips for a Successful Fast

Posted by Tracii H.

Fasting can help a number of conditions, including bronchitis, constipation, hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, fatigue, and many more. The trouble is that it can be extremely difficult to stick to your fasting resolution once hunger and cravings set in. Here are some quick tips to help you focus and avoid cheating:

*Stay busy and focus on creativity—Make plans for your life. Staying busy is very helpful in breaking our ties to food. It’s also important to make time for pleasurable activities centering on artistic pursuits. Whether it’s decorating you bedroom, sitting outdoors and painting a picture, photography, or simply getting creative with your day-to-day activities by making a to-do list with goals and activities you’ve been meaning to try. · Clean up—a fitting motto during a fast. As we clean our body, it’s a great time to clean and organize our home and office. Cleaning up our surroundings will clearly brings us into harmony with the cleansing process of fasting. If we want to get ready for the new, we need to make space by clearing out the old. Just don’t overdo it. Pace yourself. · Meditation and relaxation are a very important aspect of fasting. They help attune us to deeper levels of ourselves and clear the stresses that we have carried with us, which is one of the overriding goals of fasting in the first place. It’s important to relax and get plenty of sleep for physical health reasons while fasting, as well. Our bodies are going through complex metabolic changes and will need the extra rest.· Spiritual practices, including prayer, meditation, reading religious literature, and any other such activities will affirm our positive attitude toward ourselves and life in general. Fasting is the perfect time to get in touch with repressed feelings, appreciate the beauty of nature, and contemplate life’s more complex issues. This supports our meditation and relaxation and provides motivation to stay strong in our resolution to complete the fast.
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