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Time-Saving Happiness and Health-Generators

Posted Jul 13 2011 4:22am

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I’m all for doing one task at a time so that you can be fully present in the moment. But, well, it’s something I’m always working on. Sometimes I don’t WANT to be doing one thing only wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators.

There are at least a few things I do almost every day that are totally present, mindful and singular. Meditating for instance. Making my juice. Watering the garden. Getting really focused on a work project. Stopping and taking deep breaths.

Yet in a world where it can feel like we have SO much to do, both in our personal and professional lives, it can be very helpful to combine some activities and use little time saving tricks to get the most out of your minutes.

Especially if you intend to have or maintain crazy awesome health. To have a fantastic level of health, there will be practices or things you need to do that take some time. I’m yet to know of anyone with outstanding health that does nothing to make it happen.

As these practices take time, and we are all time-poor (although there’s an argument there around your mindset I could go into…) , you must learn how to be smart with it.

Plus getting overwhelmed by that dreaded feeling of not having enough time creates stress. This leads to poor health and exhaustion. Particularly adrenal fatigue.

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When it comes to fitting in everything you need and want to do, the first thing to do is to look at how you are actually spending your time and see where and on what you are “wasting” it.

I want to be really clear here, however, that doing very little or nothing is NOT wasting time if you are doing so with conscious intention. In fact, this is absolutely necessary for great health – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

What I’m talking about when I say “wasting time” is rather those hours or minutes you spend that don’t give you something helpful. Things such as rest, relaxation, health, happiness, fun, connection, productivity, purpose, passion, growth, career development, service, results are helpful.

Dwindling time talking down to yourself, procrastinating, worrying about how your jeans fit or where you’ll be in 20 years time or being dishonest with what you need and not getting on with conscious action or stillness, is wasting time.

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite ways to make the minutes count, mostly on a personal level, and specifically when it comes to my health and wellbeing. I’m sure there are many that I do that might benefit you too, and this list will also remind you of some of the things that you could gift yourself that perhaps you haven’t been lately!

Some of the things that help me to stay feeling my best include:

Green juice in jug thumb Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators

  • Meditation and/or deep breathing
  • Making healthy, clean, fresh meals
  • Getting fresh produce regularly (to facilitate the above)

FreshOrganicProduce thumb Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators

  • Down time
  • Sunshine
  • Fresh air (no, that’s not my coffee in the pic below wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators)

AlCaseboat2 thumb Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators

  • Allowing creativity to flow through me and ideas to spark
  • Seeing friends and family
  • Spending time with my love
  • Reading and listening to content that inspires me
  • Reading novels for the pleasure of it (love Shantaram!)

shantaram thumb Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators

  • Laughing, dancing , singing (totally off-key!) and being a silly dork – alone or with others

dancing460 thumb Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators

  • Feeling like I have achieved, produced and provided great service in my work so that I can fully relax and focus on my personal life when I want to
  • Knowing that I am spending my time on my “purpose” – meaning I am contributing in the way that makes my life meaningful. For me this is helping others have the best joy, confidence, health and beauty in their life as they possibly can.

Here’s how I bring some of these together and make them happen:

  • Jump on my mini trampoline to Glee episodes while dancing and singing along, with the windows and doors wide open for plenty of fresh air
  • Focusing on my breath while showering and being in the present moment – fresh creative ideas always come to me then!
  • Reading a great novel or inspirational content while drinking my freshly made juice in the sunshine…this is truly my heaven
  • Exercising outdoors to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine while I move. Sometimes I do this with friends and laugh (and often sing and dance too..yes you’d laugh at me if you saw me walking), and sometimes I go alone and enjoy the quiet or listen to a great audio or audiobook on my iPhone
  • I listen to great audios or interviews while colon cleansing (TMI?)
  • I have a set date night with my man every working week that no work is allowed to encroach on. We usually may have more nights but this is our minimum
  • I aim and continually strive to be as productive as I possibly can during my work day so I can have quality down time after work
  • Walking to grocery stores when I just need a couple of ingredients (this is difficult as I don’t live close to a shop by foot but it’s great when I do it!)
  • I recognise that time outside, away from the computer and even often with friends, family and Alan is when I have the most creative genius. If I skip these things, I skip showing up in the world and delivering my passion and purpose as best as I can. Umm, no thanks!
  • I do what is most important first – in personal and work life
  • I realise that I am not perfect, nor will any day be exactly as I plan…it’s just not possible. I breathe, accept change and flow as well with it as I can
  • I forgive myself for the moments when I don’t do the above, allow myself some “catch up to reality” time and go on with what is best for me
  • I schedule grocery shopping trips on the way home from running errands or seeing clients as I am already on the road. It will also be freshest if bought just before coming home and will therefore last longer = less trips!
  • I schedule email time (I’m always working on perfecting this) so it doesn’t overwhelm the things I choose to do for my personal wellbeing, in being creative and doing the big thinking and action work in my business
  • I see friends and family every week and take a 24 hour email and internet fast once per week –usually Saturdays or Sundays
  • I am open to other’s suggestions and look for/see inspiration everywhere – Nature, the people I love, books, fellow entrepreneurs, all people (ok yeah, I love people wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 Time Saving Happiness and Health Generators), movies, in love, in blissful moments, and many more. I am always looking for and seeing this (they work together) no matter what I’m doing so ideas come to me easily and abundantly, which stimulates and excites me hugely, and I am usually in a very empowered and positive frame of mind as a result
  • I meditate on the beach, in a park or anywhere outdoors
  • I listen to audios while making meals, or I put music on and dance my little heart out while cutting and prepping. Usually I’m singing pretty loud too. My poor neighbours.

What about you? Do you have little “practices” or ways of doing things that fulfill you, make the most of your time investment and allow you to show up healthy, happy and be productive?

Please share them with me and all the readers by leaving a comment below.

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