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Time for the ER Spring Detox!

Posted May 12 2009 3:26pm

Today marks the first day of Paul and I doing the ER Spring Detox !

The ER Spring Detox is a four-week program that focuses on cleansing the body of all toxins, to better prepare the body for weight loss.

Detoxing your body...

* Helps release the toxins caught in tissues and fat cells
* Cleans out metabolic waste - like cleaning out your fireplace at the end of winter
* Helps pinpoint food sensitivities
* Helps you let go of addictions. Gets rid of false fat brought on by toxic buildup
* Rejuvenates skin and other organs

Following is what you can expect from ER Detox
Days 1-10
Solid food cleanse – primarily vegetables and fruits.
Protein and fat as necessary. Some grains if appropriate.
Elimination diet to begin to pinpoint food sensitivities.
Preparation for fasting.

Days 11-15
Liquid food cleanse – consisting of vegetables and fruits.
Adjunct therapies like skin brushing, baths, etc.
Optional juice fast (alternative toddy cleanse). While the juice fast is optional, the rewards are commensurate. A juice fast gives you the opportunity to reprogram your cells to create a new blueprint... replacing sick, tired and addicted cells with fit, strong, and in-control cells.

Days 16-30
Transition to next food cycle.
Adding back foods to pinpoint food sensitivities.

I will, of course, keep y'all posted with my results!

Thanks for reading!


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