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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Posted Jul 20 2010 11:39pm

Oh my gosh, I thought today would never end! Sometimes I love days where everything is all stacked up and I go from one task/mission/appointment to another. But today is not one of those days! Maybe I’m tired, a little too stressed, or all-in-all over school but I was not into my various todo’s today.

I packed my lunch for school today in about 2 minutes :shock: , that’s quite speedy if you ask me. See, my day was already all filled up before I even left the house! I woke up made coffee, showered while the coffee was going, made breakfast, blogged while eating breakfast, then blow-dried the hair while drinking the coffee, after I packed lunch while running out the door… wheew, tired just remembering.


My lunch is just sad, that’s even before the kinda bland picture. I made a pb&j on a sandwich thin, threw two carrot cake cookies into a ziploc and grabbed some fruit (craisin form) on my way out the door. Photo take from class which is why it’s so… mental institution.

Oh my gosh, I’m just so over school! Thank goodness it’s over after the weekend. I just have one more paper to go then I have a full three months of break. Could life get any better? Well yes, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

I’m starting this post while in class, tick-tock, tick-tock the seconds are like minutes! Don’t you just hate classes when it’s the end of the quarter/semester/session and the lecture really just isn’t relevant because all you have left is a final paper and your paper isn’t on the lecture topic?! I HATE IT! Such a waste of time.

After I got home from Joseph rehearsal my mom made a kale, corn and cheese bake that was delish. Not too pretty, but oh so yummy! Isn’t it weird how that works sometimes?!?!


Honestly, rehearsal was kinda rough so I’m signing off and watching some Make It or Break It and Some Dirty Little Secrets Pretty Little Liars. Hope you all have a great night!

  • pb&j on sandwich thin: 250
  • 2 carrot cake cookies: 200
  • craisins: 100
  • kale and corn bake: 300
  • crackers: 30
  • Pre total: 445
  • 2 carrot cake cookies: 150
  • kale and corn bake 2: 280
  • Total: 1705
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