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Thursday Thoughts

Posted Mar 07 2013 2:10pm

1. I’m in a breakfast rut. I’m so sick of toast and eggs, but it’s so easy. I have approximately 5-10 minutes to prepare breakfast in the morning and I’m at a loss for what else to make. Any suggestions would be great. The only thing I absolutely do not want are smoothies. I still cannot stand the thought of them from pregnancy. I need to make a batch of muffins or something this weekend.

2. I’ve been on a personal challenge to drink more water. This was my goal for basically all 8 weeks of Best Body Bootcamp. For months I was only drinking 1 water bottle a day (a camelbak, so it’s just over 24 oz.) and that’s CLEARLY not enough. For the first 4 weeks of BBB I upped it to 2 water bottles and the last 4 weeks I challenged myself to drink 3. After doing this for weeks I can say it’s JUST starting to feel like I’m not drowning myself in water. I can’t say I’ve feel any true effects of more water, but I do feel more hydrated.

3. We’ve been getting much more sleep over here…however, Liv is still in her rock n’play. We tried to do some sleep training JUST to get her back in her crib with controlled crying as per our pediatricians advice, but it wasn’t working for us. I decided we need to teach her how to fall asleep on her own in order to help her figure out how to sleep in her crib. We’ve been doing that in the rock n’play for the past 3 nights and will try it in her crib on Friday. Basically instead of rocking her into a deep, deep sleep for 20-30 minutes when she falls asleep we immediately put her down and shush/pat her into a deep sleep. We’re hoping that this will transfer to the crib with minimal tears. If this works (or if it doesn’t) I’ll do a full post on it.

4. Rachel Zoe came back on last night. For some reason I couldn’t really get into it. Danny thought a North Face baby coat was ridiculous…how about a Burberry one?

5. One of my BFF’s was due yesterday. I basically feel like it’s me about to give birth at any second. I couldn’t be more excited. I’m actually bursting at the seams in excitement.

6. My other real excitement of the week is Liv practicing sitting up. She’s getting pretty good at it, especially with just a little help. She also has rolled over belly to back a bunch more, but not consistently. She also doesn’t seem to have any interest in rolling back to belly…she’d much rather eat her toes.

7. I’m going through Best Body Bootcamp a nd doing one week of each phase until the new one starts on April 1st. I’m SO sore..AGAIN.

8. Lunch of the week is pumpkin chia pudding with almond butter and honey blueberry granola . yum.

9. This post by Carla so made me smile. She IS such a crowd pleaser, hype girl, whatever you want to call her.

I’m ending on a random number today. Share whatever random thoughts you have!

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