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Thursday Resources: Health and Fitness Finds for 28 August, 2008

Posted Sep 01 2008 7:06pm

Metroknow in the Santa Barbara Half Marathon

Welcome to Almost Fit. Almost Fit is about losing weight and improving your health by eating real food in moderation. If you enjoy this entry, please consider sharing it with StumbleUpon. Thanks.

I am amazed at this, but apparently I have not posted a link roundup in nearly a month. Without further adieu, here are some links to articles that I’ve personally found interesting this week.

[And in case you’re wondering, that big fella in the picture in this post is me, running in the Santa Barbara Half Marathon a few years ago. :)]

I recently came across this article on MSNBC: French lessons: Eat petite, take your time, which describes some of Paul Rozin’s work on identifying the differences in habits (particularly portion sizes) between the typical American diet and the French, and the correlation to obesity rates. The article is a decent, if lightweight, treatment of Rozin’s incredibly practical findings (as opposed to many University-driven studies that are often reflections of scientifically interesting results, but have little practical value on a daily basis for most of us).

Over at Health Care for All, this article, South Beach or Another Fad Diet, takes a good look at the validity of the suggestion that glycemic index (GI) is the best identifier of foods that dieters should consider. I actually did the South Beach diet for a while, and I did indeed lose weight. But as with every other diet I tried, the weight returned with a vengeance when the momentum was gone. I know that South Beach does work for many folks, but their reliance on processed foods (and the sale of their own highly processed foods) takes it off of my list.

A reasonably new site to me, but one that has been around for a while, is Pasta Queen. This week she has a great conversation going on in her post, Wednesday wondering: Do you pay attention to what other people eat?. Swing over and check out the comments - and join in the conversation. One of the things I love about Pasta Queen is her unabashed love of food, and the fact that if you really want to lose weight, you shouldn’t view good food as an all or nothing proposition. She is frank and honest about things like eating half a Dairy Queen cake for her Birthday, which created a bit of a stir. And possibly some indigestion.

Deb over at GoFrolic has published an article that is going to be a printout for me - she’s written a wonderful piece on how to recognize berries of the Pacific Northwest ( A Pacific Northwest Berry Primer ). It’s a really concise summary of some of the most common berries you see here. I know for me, I’m always hesitant to just pluck berries off the nearest shrub and start chomping away - I guess all of that childhood messaging about deadly berries and mushrooms has kept me alive to this point :). But Deb’s article really helps to demystify which berries are safe, and she provides some great ideas on what to do with them!

DR over at Health Habits (one of my favorites) has a great post on motivation and understanding the components of moving from contemplation to action. His post is Obesity: How to Motivate the Un-Motivated. He includes a great set of videos from around the Web on the subject, as well as a simple breakdown of the basic steps to accomplishing your goals. Well worth a read, as always.

From one of our resident Dietitians over at Iowa Avenue comes this really informative summary on the value of Hemp - that feared plant that people incorrectly associate with stoners everywhere. Hemp is one of the most important natural resources that we continue to overlook, simply out of misplaced fear. Diana’s article, Hemp: Get Your Facts Straight, is an excellent summary of the benefits of hemp, and how we have a surprisingly long (and dare I say conservative) history in this country of using hemp as a practical, ultra-renewable resource. But somehow, we’ve forgotten that history. My favorite quote from this article:

“Presidents Washington and Jefferson both grew hemp. Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era and Early Republic. The federal government subsidized hemp during the Second World War and U.S. farmers grew about a million acres of hemp as part of that program.”

NOTE: If you have an article that you’d like me to feature in an upcoming link roundup, please send it my way. And if you sent me one and I somehow missed it, PLEASE don’t misinterpret my disorganization this month as a lack of interest in what you sent - just resend it to me and I’ll get it in. I’m getting it together, albeit in a crazy, frenetic fashion, so please bear with me.

Personal note of thanks to Almost Fit readers

It’s been an odd month for me with a lot of ups and downs, but I feel like I’m finally starting to get with the program again. Yesterday was a good day, and in large part that was due to some of the advice that I received in the comments on my post about a lack of sleep, and about the dilemma of whether to purchase home exercise equipment. I saw an immediate impact in that I successfully took the first steps of restarting my exercise routine. My goal was to do 3 simple things, and I’m happy to say:

3-mile run? DONE.

100 crunches? DONE.

Restart week 3 of the 100 Push-up challenge? DONE.

Thanks to the readers of Almost Fit for all of the support. Your comments and emails were just the kick-start I needed to get motivated and enthused again. Thank you!

For today, I am repeating the same routine, but I’ll be bumping up the crunches and moving to day 2 of week 3 on the push-up challenge.

As a tiny token of thanks to those fellow bloggers out there, here are some links to folks that really helped me out with this - each one of these sites is well worth a visit, and please, if you are so inclined, help them out too by leaving a comment or giving their articles some Social Media love. I know I truly do appreciate it when folks do the same for me.

(and if I missed your link, I do apologize - please send it to me and I’ll add it to this list)

Best to you,


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