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Three years ago I made some lifestyle changes -- diet-wise and I began working out regularly and lost 30 pounds, bringing me to

Posted Mar 03 2010 3:05pm

First, congrats on your 30-pound weight loss (and your touring success!)

I’ve gotten so many questions about losing the last 5-10 pounds, and it’s because they’re the hardest to lose by far. Your body is already at a pretty comfortable weight and it wants to hang out for dear life to the pounds it has. But there are a few ways to overcome the plateau.

The first way is by upping your strength training. People do cardio forever and never see any changes in their bodies, but as soon as they add weights, they see some results. But it seems like you’re already doing a good amount of strength training (I recommend around at least 2 hours per week), so I’ll tell you another way. This is harder to do, and it’s never what people want to hear. But here it is:


And if you can’t do that, then maybe losing those last few pounds isn’t really worth it! Cutting out sugar means basically anything with added sweetener (naturally sweet things like fruit are okay).

If you’ve already cut out sugar and white flour and still aren’t seeing results, try cutting out starch altogether (that includes all wheat, potatoes, corn, etc.).

You also might want to track your food intake closely (aka, count calories) for a few days to see if you’re eating more than you think you are. That can be the sneaky cause of plateaus for many people.

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