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Three awesome Detox Classes for 2010: Detox 101, Detox 102 and Delicious Detox Recipes!

Posted Feb 22 2010 7:39am
Hi all,

I'm very happy to be posting today with the details and dates of my detox classes for 2010. I will be running a series of three classes every three months: "Detox 101" (beginner's educational class on core detoxification principles), "Detox 102" (advanced educational class on core detoxification principles and deep tissue cleansing) and "Delicious Detox Recipes" (detox food preparation demonstration and uncooking class where you can choose to get your hands dirty (or not) and with recipes to take home).

Each class can be attended individually (however Detox 101 is a pre-requisite for Detox 102 as the information progresses over the classes), or you can choose to participate in a package of all three classes as a special offer at a reduced cost, or a package of two classes also at a reduced cost. The packages of two available are Detox 101 and Detox 102 together, and/or Detox 101 and Delicious Detox Recipes together. Of course, you will get maximum value and the best level of education if you join in all three classes.

Read on for details of the content of each class, dates and prices. Information on the classes and the dates for 2010 will also be on my website in the next couple of days here. If you would like to register for any or all of the classes, or have any questions, please get in touch with me via email.

"Detox 101" Classes - Learn the key to weight release, lasting energy, healing the body and getting the glow!

This class covers all things Detox: 
•    What is real detoxification?
•    Why it’s important
•    How the body detoxifies
•    The big mistakes most programs make and how to avoid this
•    The secrets to lasting results for radiant beauty & wild energy
•    How to start safely and easily while living your normal life and feeling great
•    The do’s and don’ts
•    How to support the body to detox effectively
•    The potential pitfalls to watch for and how to prevent them
•    Alkalising the body
•    Why transition is vital to your success and wellbeing
•    Answers to your burning questions

Next classes:
TIME: All classes run from 7 to 9pm.
DATES: Wednesday 24th March, Wednesday 9th June, Wednesday 8th September
WHERE: Sorrento, Perth, Australia (full details to be provided upon registration)
"Detox 102" Classes - Learn advanced detoxification principles and safe and effective strategies for deep tissue cleansing.
In the second class in the series, we delve deeper into cellular cleansing, looking at juicing, mini fasts, longer fasts, types of fasting, incorporating more raw foods into your diet and the best way to do so for optimal health and energy, the emotional and spiritual side of detox and how to live a lifestyle that allows deep cellular cleansing long term, without becoming a hermit!

Detox 102 is ideal for anyone who has already attended Detox 101 and is looking to become even more familiar with principles of detoxification and how to advance themselves into deeper cellular rejuvenation and whole body cleansing and healing. 

Next classes:
TIME: All classes run from 7 to 9pm.
DATES: Wednesday 14th April, Wednesday 30th June, Wednesday 22nd September
WHERE: Sorrento, Perth, Australia (full details to be provided upon registration)
"Delicious Detox Recipes" food preparation and uncooking class
Surprise yourself and your palette with what you can make with simple fresh foods -  ice cream, dips, soups, salads, desserts, smoothies, juices, main meals and more! Learn how to make super cleansing and delicious raw food recipes that you can enjoy abundantly while still detoxing and giving your body superior nutrition. Not only are these recipes raw and vegan, they are also seamlessly digested and adhere to the core detoxification principles covered in my Detox 101 and Detox 102 classes.

Delicious food is essential, but so too is how they affect your body and not all raw food is created equal! In fact, a lot of raw food is difficult to digest and will leave you feeling heavy and fatigued. The recipes you will learn in this class are the opposite - you will feel nourished, your tastebuds will be delighted and you will feel light and energetic. The recipes will be demonstrated for you, and you can also choose to get your hands dirty helping to create the recipes if you want to, so you can learn hands on how to make simple wholefoods totally delicious!

Next classes:
TIME: All classes run from 12 noon to 3pm on the following datesDATES: Saturday 3rd April, Saturday 19th June, Saturday 18th September
WHERE: Sorrento, Perth, Australia (full details to be provided upon registration)

Save over 10% when you buy a package of classes! Special prices for class packages
Ultimate Detox Package of all three classes:  $103 AUD
Two class package - Detox 101 and Detox 102: $49 AUD
Detox 101 and Delicious Detox Recipes class: $78 AUD

Limited places only! Reserve your spot by emailing me which classes and dates you wish to attend.  

It's going to be a fun year!

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