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This may be silly, but I'm a big gum-chewer. Are some brands of gum better than others to help cravings or a brand that contains

Posted Feb 24 2010 5:55am

I’m sort of a gum addict, too! I don’t really see it as a huge issue, as long as you’re chewing sugar-free (sugar-free gum has minimal calories). Even though I hate artificial sweeteners, I hate the idea of chomping real sugar into my teeth even more.

My gum of choice is Altoids cinnamon gum. I doubt it’s any more “natural” than anything else, but I like to pretend it is. Plus, it’s so good! I also like plain old Extra. But really, I think most sugar-free gums are pretty similar in terms of ingredients, so pick whichever one tastes best to you.

I’ve also tried drinking tea instead of chewing gum if I have that “need to occupy my mouth” feeling. It works. Sometimes.

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