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this isn’t football

Posted Aug 08 2011 3:43pm

Hello yoga people!

Today officially marks day 8 of the challenge . How is everyone doing? I’ll admit, yesterday was a little tough for me. I’m having some sciatic nerve issues (I think?) and right now, my body is wanting more rest than it does vigorous vinyasa. Can I still do the challenge? Absolutely! Last night I had a great twenty minute stretch on my mat before bed with a long child’s pose and savasana that literally had me rolling straight from mat to bed. Yoga in my pajamas? Yes, please.

I know that as a society, we’re often taught we should go, go, go! There are so many different tapes we play to ourselves. What? You don’t run marathons? Then clearlyyyy you’re not a real runner. You don’t practice 90 minutes of power yoga a day? You’re not a true yogi. You don’t belong to a gym? You must not have any muscle definition. You don’t do cardio (gasp)? Well that’s just plain weird.

Every day, we play these tapes to ourselves, telling ourselves we should be faster, stronger, better than the next person. But really…who’s keeping score? Sometimes all the yoga we need a day is a brief fifteen minutes before bed while other days we enjoying challenging ourselves in a sweaty vinyasa class. There’s no right or wrong way to practice yoga, people. This isn’t football. It’s all about being kind to your body…and if that means skipping out on a class to sit in child’s pose for ten minutes on your bedroom floor, that’s what it means.

What are some tapes that you play to yourself?

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