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This Halloween, Give Sweet Gifts That Are Sugar-Free; My Funny New Moniker As "The Halloween Sugar Grinch No More!"

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:12pm

For me, this week I've been indulging in lots of laughter, first with the publication Monday of TIME magazine, which contained "Galley Girl" Andrea Sachs' creative article, "A Sugar-Free Halloween."

My latest guffaws came a bit ago when the talented graphic designer Peter Weber -- with whom I've worked on projects for years -- cracked me up with an e-mail surprise.

He sent me a silly, new moniker for me, as well as fun Halloween-y, orange-containing graphic.

Here it is.

The Halloween Sugar Grinch No More!

Remember, Halloween this coming Monday does NOT have to be a mandatory, give-out-sugar day! You don't want to turn your adorable, beloved children; your cherished loved ones, and your neighbors' unsuspecting kids into frenetic, annoying, moody, cranky, irritable, object-hurling, concentration-challenged Little Sugar Grinches this holiday by sending them into SUGAR SHOCK!

Instead, pass out fun party favors such as glow-in-the-dark objects, kazoos, stickers, pens, little frisbees (adorned with smiley faces), and other fun Halloween doodads. Or, you could even urge your kids to raises money for UNICEF.

But take a tip from TIME magazine's Andrea Sachs, who is clearly on the cutting edge by suggesting -- even if it was playfully -- this very same, sugar-spurning idea in her article, "A Sugar-Free Halloween?"

Of course, as I said previously, I beg to differ with the way she characterized me, although she certainly got me to chuckle. Folks, I'm quite the opposite of a "killjoy," as Andrea playfully dubbed anti-sugar advocate Dr. Gott and me in the beginning of her piece:

"Who are these killjoys, arriving at the same time as the trick-or-treaters? Why, they're the anti-sugar brigade, warning that plain-old table sugar and its gussied up first cousins -- honey, molasses, cane sugar, corn syrup and maple syrup -- are less than sweet to those are less than sweet to those who overindulge..."

Anyhow, for fun ideas on what to give the kids ringing your doorbell, see my article: Parents, Give Fun, Glow-in-the-Dark Objects & Other Fun Stuff This Halloween, and Encourage Your Kids to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

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