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This *dramatic pause* is my time.

Posted Jul 31 2012 5:02pm

So, I took the summer off.  From everything (“everything” being school and blogging).  It was a needed break.  There were things I would like to have shared with you, but I ran into some hardware snags that set me back.  The SD card reader on my netbook, which I use for most of my blogging, stopped working.  Unfortunately, I lost hundreds of photos trying to figure that one out…

Oh, well.  Moving on.

Great things are amiss, my fellow heartbreakers.  Even though my blogging has been sparse lately, there is much to go over.

First, My 30th birthday is approaching.  I have decided to run my first marathon on my 30th birthday.  I will be running the Anthem Richmond Marathon in Richmond, VA, on November 10th this year.  Take that, growing older!

I have been training diligently for this, and have set up some milestones along the way.  The first milestone occurred this past weekend.  I am talking about the Boston/New England 2012 Color Run .  Just click the link if you wish to comprehend these shenanigans:



So there’s that.  The run (5k) ended up being a really tough run for a few of reasons:

1.  We turned the race into a reason to make a 4 day trip to New York and Boston.  This resulted in way too much walking.  Miles and miles of walking went down, until our joints and feet and knees were roiling with pain.

2.  I mistakenly brought our fully stuffed duffle bag with us to the start line.  So, I ran the entire run carrying a heavy duffle bag (and finished).

3.  At the start line, it rained fairly heavily for about an hour.  This made my leg muscles feel a little stiff.

Even so, it was an absolute blast.  I highly recommend inquiring about and participating in a Color Run.

The second milestone in my journey to becoming a marathoner is a 10 mile obstacle course known as the Tough Mudder .  If you don’t know what it is, look at the link, or check out this blog entry from my first Tough Mudder (this post turned into a 3-part series).  We will be participating in the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder in Frederick, Maryland on September 8th.  If you want to join our team “Team WV”, let me know!  Both the Tough Mudder AND the Color Run are charity events.

Lastly, the third milestone:  The marathon itself.  How I’ve been waiting for this day… it’s actually a long story.

Seven years ago, I was on a summer project (this is a “CRU” thing) in Ocean City, Maryland.  At that time, I was struggling with being healthy and staying in-shape.  A lot of the folks at the project were runners or athletes, and I oh so badly wanted to run with them.  Well, I girded up and decided to run with them, one day. 

I will never forget that day… because about a half mile into the run, I blacked out on the boardwalk.  I wanted so badly to be able to run freely and feel the kinetic energy, but I couldn’t.  I made a decision right then, in my heart, that I was going to become a marathoner.

A long, hard road was laid out before me that day (eventually, I actually started training for a marathon, but it fell flat because I wasn’t eating right, was overweight, and I wasn’t cross training). 

Fast forward to seven years in the future, and after much struggling (and failing and struggling and failing) I’ve finally come to a point where the obstacles have been systematically removed.  I know this is my time.

One might ask “why do a mud run and a color run as milestones toward a marathon?”  The answer is simple:  When I do things, I do them with style.  Sometimes it’s a very chaotic fiasco, but style nonetheless.

In closing, I want to ask the reader to think about the following existential question:  Is this *dramatic pause* your time, as well?

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