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Third Chance…Third Life

Posted Apr 07 2010 12:00am

I am truly blessed. I am blessed with a loving husband and an adorable kid. I am also blessed with loving parents, sisters, and friends. And I thank God for that.

I am so blessed that I have been given another chance to live.

Three weeks ago, we went to my in-laws to have dinner because it was the birthday of my hubby’s grandmother. Around 9:450 PM, we decided to go home. I went home driving the car, while Andre joined Abeth in the motorbike. I went ahead of them because they bought mangoes at the nearby fruit stand before going home.

When I have already parked the car in front of our house, there were two men riding a motorbike that passed by in front of me. I didn’t realize that they were robbers. The moment I saw them, I already had a suspicion that they had an evil purpose because they were looking at our house. I thought they were members of “akyat-bahay gang” who check the possible entry points of our house that time. My first instinct was not to enter our house until they have left because I am thinking that they might follow me inside our house or maybe they’re just checking what apartment I am staying. So, I waited for a few minutes for Abeth and Andre while I get some stuff from the car. When the two men reached the end of the street, I noticed that they turned off their lights and my suspicion became clearer. I even checked where they headed and thought they went away. But, it was too late when I realized that they went to the other street and passed by our house again and stopped in front of me.

I thought they are just gonna ask me something, but one of them went off the motorcycle and brought out a huge knife and declared a hold-up. I did scream when I saw the knife. The man almost hit me with the knife when I screamed and asked me to stop because he’s gonna stab me and the man driving the motorcycle told me that he’s going to shoot me with his gun. I asked them not to hurt me and I am willing to give them everything they want. They asked for my bag and my cellphone. I was so scared that time. I was so scared for my life that time because I know they can still stab or shoot me to death. You know how robbers act these days. They even asked for the car keys, which made me think if I will give it to them. I’m thankful that they threw it away when they left. I just picked up the keys when they were about 3 meters away. Then Abeth and Andre arrived. Abeth wandered why I am still outside the house and why I am picking the car keys. I told him in a vary calm tone that I was robbed by two men. He immediately put down Andre and chased for the robbers. But, he wasn’t able to find them. I was scared for Abeth that time. I was afraid of what might happen if he saw the robbers. I’m glad that nothing wrong happened.

During that moment, I was so thankful that Andre was not with me because they might hurt Andre. I am also thankful that Abeth didn’t saw me on that situation because I know he will fight back and something worse might happen. And most of all, I am very thankful that I am still alive.

This terrible experience is very traumatic to me. It made me so paranoid every time I hear or see motorbikes in our area. I had sleepless nights for a few days and thought of taking a sleep aid to help me put to sleep.

I’m really thankful that I was given again another chance to live…this is my third actually. My second life started January 2001,when I was able to recover from a vehicular accident; when a 6-wheeler truck hit me while I went down a jeepney.

Now, I am okay. I can actually joke about it, that I only have 6 more lives left. ;)

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