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Think Thin Bars

Posted by Heather J.

I discovered a new snack/energy bar this week: Think Thin, which claims to deliver strength, beauty, vitality, and energy. The bars do deliver 20 grams of protein with only two net carbs, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. They are gluten, sugar, GMO, and trans fat free, and low in saturated fat. Find them at Trader Joe's in chocolate and peanut butter varieties.
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I, too, am a fan of the Think Thin bars. There are many bars out there that are high in protein but end up being packed with sugar and fat and just aren't that great for ya. But Think Thin (although not super tasty at first bite, but it grows on you) really do fit the bill. Unfortunately, they don't fit the budget. Typically, these bad-boys run well over $1 a pop. For the convenience of an on the go meal, I will invest for sure. But when I stop and think about it, I realize that it's must more cost efficient (and potentially health effective) to invest in a bag of nuts and dried berries and marry the two. After all, the nuts are offering real, natural protein (not the protein isolate typically found in protein bars) and the berries are just berries. Several bags of this mixture lasts a lot longer than one meal bar. However, if you're not looking at it finance wise, the Think Thin bars are a great way to go.
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