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Think before you drink: Alcohol Swaps!

Posted Aug 14 2009 4:43pm

So I am trying to help my mom lose weight and she is doing great! She has the meals down and she’s working on snacking. She is still getting frustrated because it just isn’t coming off as quickly as she’d like. After looking at what’s going on it seems like every time it gets to the weekend she is making pretty good choices, but the alcohol is really setting her back.

Do you know that there is about 65 calories in just 1 ounce of alcohol? (and not to mention there is usually more than that in one drink, PLUS mixers!!) A glass of wine can have anywhere from 125-150 calories and beer has 64-198 calories per 12 ounces. We figured out we have to come up with a plan to save calories from alcohol.

There are a couple of things to do:

- alternate a huge glass of water between drinks so you will get fuller and not be as thirsty.

- choose low calorie mixers like seltzer or diet soda to lower calorie count of cocktails. If you drink a vodka cranberry, try vodka, seltzer with a splash of cranberry and a slice of lime.

- also, if you like wine, try a wine spritzer, which is basically just diluted with seltzer.

Another helpful tip – decide before you go out or to a party how many drinks you want to have before your in way too deep. Bottoms up!

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