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Thin Within A Grace oriented Approach to Lasting Weight Loss

Posted Oct 04 2010 5:12pm

Thin Within A Grace oriented Approach to Lasting Weight Loss

Diets just don’t work. Judy Halliday and Dr. Arthur have years worth of research to prove it and most Americans have personal testimonies that echo that same sad truth. But Halliday’s extensive ex

5 Stars Thin Within: A grace oriented approach to lasting weight loss
Excelent book…great ideas. It only works if you apply all of the ideas, though…

5 Stars The most amazing and effective lifestyle change I have ever experienced!
This book was the best purchase of my life! God is amazing! Through the Grace of God and Thin Within I have lost 26 pounds in about 4 months and kept it off! Plus you can eat whatever you want!!!!! No cutting carbs or dieting rules and roller coasters. Just amazing!

4 Stars Thin Within Review
Wonderful incorporation of the word of God into everyday living and weight loss…We can do all things through Christ which gives us the strength!

5 Stars This book is awesome!
I am about 2/3rds way through this book. It has helped me learn to eat when hungry, enjoy my food, and remind me of God’s love and forgiveness. I am a more joyful person, as I’m not upset with myself for overeating anymore. And I am eating less too.

4 Stars Great info, but with TOO much religion
The information in this book is wonderful! It has changed my eating habits, and therefore my life. Thank you for making it available.

The only downside is the amount of religion in it. I am a very active Christian who attends church every Sunday. I love Jesus Christ and am devoted to Him. If the amount of religious content was cut down to about 10% of what is in this book, it would have been so much better. I found myself skipping whole paragraphs and even whole pages to get back to reading the content for which I bought the book.

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