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Thick and Creamy Orange Hot Cocoa

Posted Dec 27 2013 10:15am

My dessert philosophy is Go Real. Go All the Way. If you are going to have a sweet, then indulge and enjoy it and then move on.  Kids love sweets and I think there is definitely a time and a place for them. I think that hot cocoa is the perfect sweet to end a cold day.   My girls ask for hot chocolate when it is 90 degrees outside........and they are disappointed every time when I tell them it is too hot outside.  When the cold strikes they may be the only people in Utah excited because they know that it is now hot cocoa weather.   This Winter the cold came sudden and frigid around our house.  Definitely hot cocoa weather.  This cocoa recipe is thick, creamy, with a hint of citrus flavor that will warm you to your soul.  Oh, and did I mention it will take you about 5 minutes to make?  It is worth every minute you spend.  

The first step is to heat your milk mixture with your oranges.  You can use milk and heavy cream if you are feeling indulgent, and if your not then use milk and half and half.  Slice an orange (or clementine) and pop into 4-5 slices depending on how orangey you want it.  I also added a few drops of orange extract because I love that citrus flavor.   Heat on medium-low stirring frequently until nice and hot.   The orange slices leave a little of that yummy juicy pulp.........if you have a texture issue you can strain it.  But I think it adds character to your cocoa.  

Then if you are feeling extra daring, add some orange zest to your milk mixture.  

Now it is time for the chocolate.  I have found that chocolate chips work as good as any chocolate.   I use a combination of semi-sweet and milk chocolate.  These are the brands that I prefer, but you can use whatever your chocolately heart desires.  

Pour them in and stir until completely melted. 

Now pour in your favorite mug, and prepare yourself for the yummiest experience you have had in a while.  Just one more way to expose your kids to new flavors and new food experiences.  

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