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The Well Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook Give Your Baby a Healthy Start with 100 Recipes That Adapt to Fit How You Feel

Posted Jun 15 2010 11:48pm

The Well Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook Give Your Baby a Healthy Start with 100 Recipes That Adapt to Fit How You Feel

Every woman wants to eat her best. But eating well can be challenging during the best of times. During pregnancy it is aggravated with curveballs such as nausea, cravings, or life. Before you ruin your healthful intentions, check out The Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook, which offers a compromise by providing 100 recipes that meet every mother’s needs by adapting them to her moods.

Feeling nauseous? Turn Pine Nuts and Golden Raisins into a lemony-soup. Craving comfort foods? Modify Asian Cabbage Salad into a traditional but healthy treat. Ready to shed your baby pounds? Transform Fettucine with Mushrooms and Slow-Roasted Tomatoes into a beautiful salad. Feeling good today? Try some Broiled Salmon with Caramelized Fennel and Sweet Onion paired with Crisp Roasted Sweet Potatoes. And the Lemon Cookies and Devilicious Cupcakes are great for any mood.

Easily customizable recipes also mean that mom-to-be and her family can sit down and enjoy the same meal, no matter how she’s feeling. With helpful tips and options that minimize prep time, The Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook is a must-have for any expectant, new or not-so-new mother, who needs a flexible solution for preparing delicious, healthful, meals!

As the founder of Mothers & Menus, Inc. and a busy mom of three, Karen Gurwitz knows how hard it can be to find time to take care of yourself. In The Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook, she encourages you to tune in to your body’s needs and give yourself permission to honor your cravings. Her voice and the cookbook are a great accompaniment to your journey of motherhood, whether you are in the early stages, or have been on it for quite some time.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

From the reviews it sounds like the recipes are great and I haven’t tried them yet, but the first recipe that I opened to was with feta cheese which is NOT recommended by the CDC for pregnant women because of listeriosis. They should have better investigated what is healthy for pregnant women or maybe the doctor’s should have actually read the book.

5 Stars Awesome, even if you are not pregnant!!
As a foodie and cookbook collector who is in the preconception phase I wanted to incorporate less processed foods in my diet. I also wanted a book that I could use my entire pregnancy which contained simple, nutritious, well rounded recipes. This book really delivers.

I have already kitchen tested some of the recipes just to see how easy they are to assemble and cook. The recipes are fabulous, not boring, and I feel like I am eating gourmet food. Especially the Corn- Blueberry Muffins, Tilipia Veracruz and the Lemon Spinach Orzo. Eating healthy is very important to me, and I wanted to have a clear path on what to eat and when so that I would not have to worry about planning a nurishing meal once pregnant. It is wonderful how the author modifies the recipes for pregnant moms that feeling green, feeling food, or feeling food. So you can add or take away items according to your condition and how you are feeling.

The recipes are easy to follow and really easy to make if you are a working woman. I will enjoy this book for years to come.

5 Stars Clean living pregnancy eating guide
This book has been very helpful during my wife’s pregnancy. She had nasty nausea and thus all her eating habits changed. What is really helpful about this book is the variations on each recipe. This book will give you alternative ingredients to combat the food aversions while keeping the meals healthy. Also, the alternatives aren’t things like changing spinach for kale which is too similar to get her to eat one if she hates the other. The variations really expand the recipes so that you get a wider range of food possibilities. This book comes from a super healthy point of view as well, which is not a bad place to cook from. This book is also more that just a recipe book. It has a large range of helpful tips and eating strategies for a good pregnancy.

5 Stars Sound Advice at a time when you need it!
This book was just what I needed. I was sick all day everyday and wasn’t making the

most wise food choices(whatever would stay down and not make me turn green just thinking of

it won) this book gave me a new start, some great food advice and perspective, and some great

stories that made me feel less alone in my new routine—I still use the recipes and love

the emphasis on organic without leaving you in a lurch if you are unable or unwilling to

get organic.

Get this book!

5 Stars The Well Rounded Pregnancy Cook Book
I LOVE this book! The receipes are delicious and very easy to make. I have tried many of the receipes in all the different sections….from the granola, muffins,salads, soups, and the main dishes. Everything I have made so far has been excellent and everyone I cooked for absolutely loved everything. The dishes are simple, easy to make, and very tasty which was just what I was looking for since I don’t have hours to spend on meals. P.S- You don’t have to be pregnant to buy this book and enjoy the dishes.

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