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The VIP Pajama Party

Posted Jun 30 2010 11:52pm

Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. I’m so glad I took 3 naps yesterday in preparation because wow, it was such a party. I woke up at around 8:30 this morning and I’m not fun hung over at all!!

So right when I got home from school last night I made a smallish snack. I knew the VIP party was going to be catered but I didn’t want to go on an empty stomach and over indulge in all the fried and sweet foods.


5 vegetable infused crackers from Healthy Valley and some alluetta cheese. YUM! Then Max called and wanted to do some ‘chillin’ before I went off to be wolf bait (holy goodness Jacob is so HOT) so we went to the local staple for a light dinner, Ellis. I really do need to do a full review of this place with pictures of the front and inside, maybe next time. Anyways so I ordered the Veggie and Cheese stuffed Baked Potato. I was happy the potato was a small one, the last time I ordered this it was the biggest potato in the world! It came with soup and salad and I was a little bad- I had clam chowder :oops: .

I was happy about eating before the event, I knew that if I went hungry I would eat really unhealthy bad choices due to feeling empty. So really, this worked out perfect. Okay so lets get on to the good stuff!!


So for 18 dollars you get a ticket to the Eclipse VIP Pajama party which includes, a party inside the theater with a dj, massages and theme makeup, hair tinsel, dinner, dessert, and 2 raffles, a private theater for the party and you don’t have to wait inline outside! So like any up and coming food blogger and new foodie I had to picture my lovely eats of the evening. I forgot to put my camera on macro :cry: I’m so sorry and sad about this. I also went with my fellow foodie and blogger Lauren! She is all about twilight and was the perfect person to go with… no weird stares at my picturing random stuff ;-) .


Okay… First

I frequent this restaurant a lot! You’ve probably read my posts about veggie rice bowls, pita chips, fish tacos, etc… they all come from this fabulous restaurant! They also hosted the event and is how I got my tickets, before they even went on sale! Props for my dad for getting 2 for me. Love you pops!

The food was really good. Most of it was meat, but he had his famous chips there and cut up pieces of the veggie sandwich. I had a wedge but wasn’t really feeling it after the first bite, so I didn’t finish it.


This bakery (I’m pretty sure it’s based in some girl’s kitchen) provided all the amazing cupcakes for the evening. There were also chocolate covered strawberries (I had 2) and hand made chocolate lollypops from the local company The Chocolate Factory.


There were so many, props to the baker on that one. I chose my cupcake based on my personal werewolf bias and Lauren of course had the vampire alternative.


After seeing this, Lauren my only foodie and blogger friend in the area, thought we should have sampled all three of the flavors and shared. I agree! my Chocolate with Dulce De Leche Filling was so amazing! I was praying I won the raffle give-away with the Fluff Cupcakes inside. Oh, new food bloggers make the saddest mistakes, like forgetting to picture the buffet of yummy foods, trying all the cupcake flavors… :-( I’ll get better soon… hopefully.


Oh for the love of blur… :grr:.

After partaking in some of the yummy eats and deserts we moved on to enjoy some of the festivities. First for Lauren was a massage, I didn’t get one because I was waiting for hair tinsel, and when it was my turn for the massage it was also my turn for the sparkly hair… a girl just can’t turn down glitter!


Lauren has the picture of me getting tinseled and I have her. These ladies were tinsel fiends! They did it so fast and did so so so many. Their hands have to literally not work today!


From inside the theater. We also got glitter makeup, everyone loves people who sparkle right ;-) ! You can se mine a little bit in this picture around the eye.



Uggs and Movies, the only way to go. We are such California beach girls! We were in the second row, which normally would have been sad, bit it was so much fun to be so close. I felt like a little kid!


The give-aways I came home with- Candy! Oh the movie was so good. Lauren and I agreed that it is the best of all the movies. Which is saying a lot because I didn’t like Eclipse the book!


Well I didn’t take crutches to the movie last night which was a good call, there were so many people and everything. But the joint hurt so bad during the movie from all the walking! The good news is that all the walking really got the blood flowing and loosened it up a little. Disclaimer: I don’t recommend treating a newly sprained ankle like this. I have a much more serious problem that cannot be rehabbed. No matter if I have surgery in the near future or not I will have to have it eventually. Please treat your sprained ankles as the doctor recommends. That’s 2 weeks on crutches and then a slow work up to exercise. But it does hurt something fierce today! I’ll be a good girl and use the crutches until the appointment tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing the doctor and figuring out what the plan of attack is.


There they are… close by. I’m being good ;-) . I’m a very bad patient in general and am known for making up strange excuses not to use braces, orthopedic boots, crutches… etc. I’m thinking about naming these bad boys in my hate.

Question: What should I name my crutches?


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