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The Un-Official Rules To Hopscotch

Posted Mar 25 2011 8:15am

This spring, my 10 year old couldn’t wait to get some sidewalk chalk. In fact, when she asked, I kept putting her off.  Finally, with her own money, she conned my sister into picking up some sidewalk chalk for her. So began the hopscotch frenzy!  H-Week ends with one of our favorite spring activities, hopscotch!

For my kids, hopscotch has never been to throw a rock onto a square and move accordingly.  We’ve never played by the official rules.  Instead, my kids make as many squares as humanly possible and attempt to race the clock as the hop to each and every square.  This year they built a hopscotch board 700 squares long! Unfortunately, the squares are too light to see, but from where I’m holding the camera to where they are at the far end of the sidewalk is how long they got it.

700 square hopscotch copy


They sometimes draw 4-6 squares across and have a predetermined method of jumping on all six before they move forward.. in-out-side-to-side, etc..

They were working on this hopscotch board for 2 days, working constantly, and then it rained!  When they came in from their work, they wanted me find how long the longest hopscotch board was. (have I also said my kids are obsessed with World Records?  They are always asking me to find a world record for something they did to see if they passed it)  So I Googled “World Record for Longest Hopscotch” and I found this video:

Let’s just say, the kids were inspired and wanted to keep drawing, even though it started to rain.

Too cold still where you are?  Try our indoor version of hopscotch !


So, get out (or in) and draw up some hopscotch squares.  Great for balance, endurance, and fun!! All the things kids should be getting in exercise!


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