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The UltraSimple Diet Kick Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days

Posted Oct 24 2010 3:53am

The UltraSimple Diet Kick Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days



Mark Hyman, M.D., the medical expert whose groundbreaking UltraMetabolism was a smash New York Times bestseller, now reveals an accelerated plan for quick, safe, and healthy weight loss–as much as 10 pounds in one week. Inside you’ll find:

• a simple 7-day weight loss plan to revitalize your health,boost energy, and lose weight

• detailed instructions for exactly what to do each day–no thinking,guessing, testing, or wondering–all straight forward and something anyone can do

• precise instructions for what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, recipes, supplements, and stress reduction–exercise is optional!

• The solution to the #1 problem most dieters have: how to keep the weight off for good.

• exercise routines to suit even the busiest schedule

• pages for journal entries and checklists

The UltraSimple Diet is grounded in 21st century science and medicallyproven through years of testing on thousands of Dr. Hyman’s days from now, you could weigh up to ten pounds less, have revitalizedenergy and health, and both feel and look fantastic, all by simply trying


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5 Stars Easy and Effective
I love this diet! I was worried about my swollen ankles and acid-reflex.

Within no time, two days, they were gone. By day two I had no cravings for sugar

or junk food and I was not hungry. It’s amazing. By the end of the week I was

feeling good and had lost 7 lbs.

In the meantime, I want to keep on going. I think the grocery shopping is easier, menu planning and food preparation are easier. And I save a lot of $$$.

By the way, I took the diet off the internet. Also I had no powder/smoothies.

Instead after lemon and hot water for breakfast, about mid morning I ate one

piece of whole fruit (peach, banana). I do take a daily multi-vitamin and yes,

I do plan to buy the book.

5 Stars The answers I’ve been looking for.
I am excited about being able to implement all that Dr. Hyman has to offer. I am learning so much about true health & nutrition.

5 Stars Scientifically based diet
This book is an excellent book. Dr. Hyman’s suggestions are sound and scientifically based. Being a pharmacist, I can appreciate the theory and background that Dr. Hyman presents in this book. I personally don’t think that the word “diet” is an accurate word for this book; it should be considered a jump start to a “life style change.” The eating habits presented in this book do not deprive an individual, but it cleans the system. After adhering to the suggestions presented in the book the recipient should know what their allergic or trigger foods are. I liked this book so much, that I purchased it for my father, who is a diabetic.

5 Stars Easy to follow1
I’ve been on the Ultra Slim Diet going on two weeks now. I lost 5 lbs the first week. It is an easy diet to follow and very, very healthy. I would recommend it if you want to get the inside of your body in shape. The dark circles under my eyes are disappearing, I have great energy and I love the food he recommends. The Ultra Broth and Ultra Shakes that you make on this diet, are really healthy. The Ultra Bath is worth doing because it relaxes you and gets rid of the bad toxins in your body. I bought the UltraMind Solution book at the same time, but Dr. Hyman recommends using it after following the Ultra Slim Diet. I highly recommend his books, if you want to get healthy and lose weight. The great thing about eating the good foods in this diet, is that I have lost all cravings for chips, pretzels, icecream, candy, you name it. I don’t binge eat at night anymore – which was my downfall and I’m not always hungry – which is the way I was before this diet.

2 Stars Don’t waste your money
what a bunch of hog wash.. I can take supplements without the book… geesh.. I got rid of the in the trash.. ridiculous.. people who work full time like myself sure do not have time for all this mumbo jumbo.. so I am yah to say the least very disappointed.

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