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The Ultimate pH Solution Balance Your Body Chemistry to Prevent Disease and Lose Weight

Posted Oct 15 2010 9:34am

The Ultimate pH Solution Balance Your Body Chemistry to Prevent Disease and Lose Weight

Control the level of acid in your body and reclaim your health with this simple, step-by-step program

Beginning a healthier lifestyle can be as easy as starting your day sipping a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Drinking this simple drink is only one of the many ways, all outlined in The Ultimate pH Solution, that you can change your body’s pH and ward off disease. Too much acid in your blood can cause a host of health problems, but with cutting-edge, medically sound research, this indispensable guide offers an easy-to-follow plan and simple lifestyle changes that will help you kick acid and stay healthy.

The Ultimate pH Solution also includes real-life success stories of people who have overcome disease and lost weight by balancing their pH levels, along with 50 recipes for delicious pH-powerful dishes. Learn why high-protein diets may be harmful to your health, why eating dairy may not help you avoid osteoporosis, and how to lower the acid levels in your body for optimal health.

4 Stars PH Solution
I found this book to be helpful, as to which foods to eat and to avoid. I especially liked knowing that fresh lemon in water is alkaline.

4 Stars Really good book
This is a really great book, to the point and easy to understand. I wish there were more recipes though.

2 Stars OK for starters
If you already know a bit about healthy eating, there isn’t much to learn here. We found the recipes mostly inedible, with much better versions elsewhere. (Avacado chocolate mousse?) There is incomplete information throughout the book. I think this plan will be helpful for those who can add a lot of enthusiasm and belief to it. Even the author cannot say this diet will for sure actually change the alkaline balance in your body.

4 Stars Good starting pH book
Have some nice recipes. Talked about the difference in juicer vs blender, etc. The pH food chart toward the end is somewhat different from some other pH charts I came across. For example, watermelon was listed on the acid side in the book but other charts listed it as alkalizing fruit. Pumkin seeds is listed as highly alkalined in the book but listed as slightly acidic from most other charts I had seen. Perhaps we need to take all these pH food charts available with a gram of salt, or, better yet, as the author recommended, with a gram of Celtic Sea Salt. :-)

5 Stars The ultimate PH Solution
I began to read this book with no knowledge of the acids/alkylines. By only the 2nd chapter I have learned so much as to how the whole thing works. Its a easy read smooth and doesn’t bore you with all the medical vernacular. I’m sure this book will open alot of peoples eyes as to why they are fat, overweight, etc and how it happens… So unless I miss my guess and Ms. Cook is off-base,(which I wouldnt say she is), this book is a must to buy to start you journey to a smarter slimmer you. It’s amazing how our body functions and what certain parts do, once you get a handle on that… forget all that diet junk (money machine). If you give the body what it needs and nothing of what is doesn’t, it(the body) does a pretty good job getting rid of the junk in the trunk… Read it…you’ll be all the wiser for it!!

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