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The Truth About Wrinkle Creams and Anti-Aging Claims

Posted Jun 04 2008 7:04pm 1 Comment

I have a friend who works for an upscale retail store, for a very upscale skin care line. And it amazes me to watch the people that go from counter to counter, looking for a miracle cream or serum to give their face a "face-lift". Companies that claim their eye cream will turn back time!

Lancome used these words recently, "Visibly rejuvenate, repair, relenish. Skin regains youthful substance, firmness and radiance, as if signs of aging are visibly repaired. Wrinkles appear reduced, skin feels firmer and more elastic and is deeply hydrated and revived.."

Clearly, these companies carefully choose their words!

But what's allowed and what's not when it comes to wrinkle cream advertising, because there are tons of examples of wrinkle creams outright stating they get rid of wrinkles in an instant?

Susan Brienza, an attorney for the law firm of Patton & Boggs, in Smoothing out confusing cosmetic claims offers examples of clear cosmetic labeling violations as well as one's that are probably ok.

Brieza mentions that wrinkle cream ads must not state:

  • "FDA Approved"
  • "Better than Botox" or "Facelift in a jar"
  • "pharmaceutical strength" or "cosmeceutical"
  • "erase deep wrinkles," "obliterate cellulite cells" or "repair damaged skin.' - all claims where the product affects the structure of the skin.

Wrinkle cream claims that appear to be acceptable to regulators?

  • "Clinically proven"
  • "Elle magazine Editor's pick"
  • "Wrinkles appear reduced"
  • "Smooths the appearance of fine lines."
  • "Stimulates skin for that youthful glow."

Bottom line is that cosmetics labeling is loosely regulated so you'll see plenty of ads incorporate "must not state" claims in their promotional materials.

My blogging buddy at Embrace Health For Life, said recently, "The manufacturers are careful not to make words that are untrue by saying that their product "HELPS" to smooth lines and wrinkles and visibly reduces bags and dark shadow. It might only be filling in the lines but the effect is minimal, hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

You cannot eliminate fine line and wrinkles unless you use retinoic acid (available on prescription only), collagen implants, fat transplant, deep skin peels, or a face lift. If this gel reduce dark circles and puffiness, it is classified as a drug that would not be available over the counter."

Don't be mislead. At the very best, these creams will moisturize and "soften the appearance of fine lines." There is not a whole lot of difference between a $10 drugstore jar and $100 high-end jar.

Dr. Dominic Gaziano - Dr. G
The Feel Good Health Guy / Health & Wellness Expert

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