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The Top Ten Junk Foods and How they Weigh up

Posted Jun 02 2008 5:03pm

If you have ever wondered what is in junk food then read on

Chicken Avocado SandwichNumber one : Burger Kings, original chicken sandwich, this contains 8 grams of saturated fat, 65 mg of cholesterol, a whopping 670 calories, and has 24 g of protein. Even though this is quite not high in fat as it could be the key thing to remember here is just look at the amount of calories that is in one of these. And depending on the actual serving of the product if it is a hundred grams, then 8 g of saturated fat is quite a lot.

Number two: And fighting for the number two position is McDonalds Big Mac, this has 560 Big Mac calories,10 grams of saturated fat which is an awful lot, eat two of these and you’re eating over a thousand calories, and 20 grams of saturated fat, wow what a lot. Cholesterol wise this contains 80 milligrams, which is slightly higher than Burger King’s. And contains 25 grams of protein. This is quite a heavyweight contender as you can see.

The mystery of the giant fake french fries and the signNumber three: McDonald’s french fries Supersize, has 610 calories, a total fat count of 30 grams, saturated fat of five grams, and 77 grams of dietary fibre, protein of 9 grams, cholesterol is zero milligrams.

Inbound Pizza: SliceNumber four: is Pizza Huts large stuffed crust pizza, this is based on one slice at a 149 grams portion, the total fat is 13 grams eight of which is saturated fat, now bear in mind we are talking about only one slice of pizza here and not a full pizza. So if you decide to have a full pizza and you are sharing it, this could mount up.The calorie count is 360 which is quite a lot for one slice, cholesterol at 40 milligrams, 43 grams of carbohydrate, and 18 grams of protein.

Original Recipe Fried Chicken @ KFCNumber five: Kentucky Fried Chicken, chicken breast based on one serving calories of 360, total fat 21 grams, saturated fat of which is five grams, cholesterol which adds to 115 milligrams, carbohydrates of which is seven grams, protein is 37 grams.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)Number six: Kentucky Fried Chickens, individual fries Canada , calories 340, which is based on a 113 grams portion of fries, turated fat is 1 gram, cholesterol is 0 milligrams which surprisingly is quite low for a change. Carbohydrate is 44 grams and protein is 3 grams.

KFC Chicken & Biscuit BowlNumber seven: Kentucky Fried Chickens, chicken and biscuit bowl this has 870 calories, 44 grams of fat of which saturates 11 grams, 60 milligrams of cholesterol, 88 grams of carbohydrate and protein is, 29 grams.

Pepperoni PizzaNumber eight: Dominoes Pizza, Classic Hand Tossed Pepperoni, this is based on a serving of two to eight slices of pizza, this has a calorie count of 453, total fat of 18 grams, of which saturated fat 8 grams, cholesterol 38 grams, carbohydrates 56 grams, fibre 3 grams and protein of 19 grams.

Pepperoni PizzaNumber nine: Pizza Huts Pan Pizza Pepperoni, this is based on one slice of pizza, calories 280, cholesterol is 25 milligrams, carbohydrate 27 grams, and protein of 11 grams. Just to emphasise again this is based on one slice only.

Double Fillet-O-Fish burgerNumber ten: McDonald’s fillet of fish, calories are 380 saturated fat 4 grams, cholesterol 35 milligrams, carbohydrate 38 grams and protein 15 grams.

Summary: the whole point of compiling this list is so that you can get an idea of how things can mount up, over time if you are familiar with the movie supersize me, then he will probably more than know what eating this food regularly can do to yourself.

And really let’s face it we often eat food without even thinking about it, most the time it’s just based on how the food tastes to us, and how it makes us feel.

It doesn’t mean to say that you can’t eat these foods in moderation, there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever but if you consume them on a regular basis, then really you are going to get problems with your health. As far as weight gain is concerned.

Conclusion: The thing to do with this, is make yourself aware of what you are eating and if you are eating quite a lot of food that is on the list, then perhaps you need to make some adjustments to your eating habits.

I wouldn’t say diet because, I hate that word it more or less implies, that you are on a regime when you’re not. Healthy eating is for life not just for three months or a six-month honenymoon diet period. Remember that and you can’t go far wrong as far as losing weight is concerned.

Another thing why you are reading, this list is take note of the actual calories that are in these foods. This is the most important factor it’s the calories that make the difference it’s how many that you’re eating even though fat has a lot of calories per gram nine to be exact, it’s the amount of calories you’re eating that makes you gain weight.

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