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The Top 7 Myths about Crossfit and Why They're Totally FALSE

Posted Jan 15 2013 3:37pm


I understand that Crossfit isn’t for everyone. I GET IT. But don’t let the myths about Crossfit give you an excuse not to try it, okay? If you’re even a little bit interested, I would highly recommend trying it at least 4-5 times (once isn’t really enough to get a good feel for it). It’s literally changed my life.

Myth #1: Crossfit is only for super-fit people.

Entirely untrue. One of the best and most amazing things about Crossfit is that it’s scalable to any level. I think people hear that and don’t believe it, but it’s true. We have people of all ages, shapes, and abilities at my box, and the most wonderful thing is that everyone cheers everyone else on. I’m genuinely happy when my friends get PRs or push themselves to new heights. Warm and fuzzy feelings abound in Crossfit!

So obviously, Camille is super-fit. But you don’t have to be to get a LOT out of Crossfit!

Myth #2: Crossfit is expensive.

Crossfit is only expensive if you compare it to regular gyms. It’s CHEAP when you compare it to the cost of personal training, which to me, is a more apt comparison. I paid around $700 for three months of personal training at one 60-minute session per week. Crossfit costs anywhere between $150-300/month, depending on where you live, but you can go as many times as you want. Since each session is like a group personal training session, it actually costs about half as much as you’d get charged at a standard gym!

Myth #3: Crossfit is a cult.

GAHHHHH, I’m so sick of hearing this. Crossfit is a cult as much as any group of people interested in the same thing is a cult! We all like talking about Crossfit when we’re together because we all DO Crossfit. If you got together with a bunch of coworkers outside of work, isn’t it likely that you’d spend at least part of the time inadvertently talking about work? Same concept. It’s what we all have in common, so it’s easy to talk about!

Keep reading for Myths #4-7!

Myth #4: If you do Crossfit, you’ll end up looking like a crazy gym rat.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being your own personal gun show, but I get that some people just don’t want to look like they spend every waking minute in the gym. I promise that if you do Crossfit regularly, you’ll just look like you — only fitter!

Me (on top) and a few CF friends (Sara & Hillary) — only fitter! I’ll admit, Hills is a little bit of a beast, but she’s a coach!

Myth #5: You have to eat Paleo if you do Crossfit.

While most Crossfit boxes might encourage Paleo or Whole30 eating, you certainly don’t have to eat that way. Just eat in the way that fuels you well and makes you feel good! I would say our box is about 50/50 Paleo vs. non-Paleo eaters. As long as you’re eating whole foods that don’t slow you down, your coach probably won’t take much issue with it!

Myth #6: You can’t mix other workouts with Crossfit.

Not at all! I have Crossfit friends that run, do jazzercise, take yoga, etc. I even throw in the occasional Zumba class along with my Crossfit regimen. As long as you’re careful, you can absolutely mix Crossfit into a varied workout routine.

Myth #7: Crossfit encourages puking.

Yes, some people pride themselves on getting to that pukey point in a workout, but that’s certainly not everyone. But it’s easy to scale the workout so you never reach that point. The important thing is to make sure you’re not feeling comfortable all the time — push yourself just outside your comfort zone to the point where you’re reaping the benefits but not feeling ill. You can always ask your coach to help you find the right way to scale, too. If your coach is pushing you too hard and you feel uncomfortable, you’re at the wrong box. The best coaches know when to push and when to lay off.


If you do Crossfit, what other myths drive you nuts?

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