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The Top 100 Zone Foods The Zone Food Science Ranking System

Posted Sep 13 2010 1:47pm

The Top 100 Zone Foods The Zone Food Science Ranking System

Dr Barry Sears takes you on a tour of the top 100 Zone foods, offering capsule summaries of their nutritional benefits, along with delicious recipes and Zone Food Block information for each food item.

Being in the Zone has just been made easier now that The Top 100 Zone Foods is available as a convenient mass market paperback. Dr Barry Sears selects the top 100 Zone foods and shows you how to mix and match them to form perfectly balanced Zone Meals. For each food item there is a brief description of its health and nutritional bragging points followed by one or two easy-to-prepare Zone-approved recipes and the appropriate Zone Block information for foolproof Zone cooking.

After explaining how to enter and stay in the Zone, Dr Sears shows why not all foods are created equal – at least from a nutritional and hormonal point of view. Organising the Top 100 into protein, carbohydrates and fats, he shows you how to combine your favourite foods to form hundreds of appropriately balanced and deliciously prepared meals such as Prawn Scampi with Vegetables, Mediterranean-Style Chicken, Spinach Feta Pie, Lemon Meringue, and Strawberry Mousse.

5 Stars Best of the Zone Books
After studying most of the Zone books, the original Entering the Zone, Mastering the Zone, the Anti-Aging Zone, A Week in the Zone, and pretty much all the others, I recommend The Top 100 Zone Foods to beginners, because the earlier books, especially –while essential to understanding the science– are the worst written and worst organized. Having adopted the Zone diet permanently, I refer to this Zone book more than any other. None of the Zone books are well written. But the diet is so excellent, we must read them. At least this one has a decent primer on pages 8-18, which I refer to for reminders on basic questions –like how many grams of fat are there in a “block”? Plus, the organization here –listing the best Zone foods –in order– and providing a one, two, or three smiley face ranking system– greatly increases the book’s usefulness. Finally, while this is a paperback, it’s a big, sturdy paperback.

5 Stars Now one of my favorites
Actually, this is one of my favorite Zone books. Maybe it has to grow on you.

When you start studying what biochemist Barry Sears writes about, your eyes may glaze over. You only really need one book to begin with, it’s just a matter of assimilating a new kind of information about how to balance your nutrition.

This one has an excellent section describing most of the Zone basics, and it sharpens the focus on the nutritional attributes of the best foods – information you cannot get in the other Zone books. Dr. Sears lays out his formula for ranking all the nutrients in food straightforwardly, and you find out HOW MUCH better for you broccoli, caulifower, or spinach are instead of cereal, pasta, or bread.

Since no foods are actually forbidden in the Zone, the proportions are still up to you. Of course, if you insist on consuming hydrogenated oils, you do so at your own risk!

In my opinion, we live in an age with too many refined and processed foods. Barry Sears has given us a survival guide for modern times. It’s the healthiest, most adaptable and most sustainable nutrition plan out there.

3 Stars Zone
Purchased for my father. I am not really into this. There are so many different books out, it’s hard to really get good information.

5 Stars great guide to healthy foods
This is an easy-to-read guide to eating the healthiest foods. I highly recommend it. A steal for the price.

4 Stars a nutrition book more than a recipe book
This book is more about the nutrition facts of vegetables, meats and fruits. And there’s info on vitamins as well.

Since I started the zone diet 1 week ago, I watched my blood sugar go from 260 (after meals, considered diabetic), drop to 176 (considered borderline). I don’t use too many of the zone recipes, rather I adapt my normal cookbooks to the zone way of cooking, which is very easy to do.

This book, the top 100 zone foods, was very good for me because it lists the nutrition facts of each fruit, vegetable or protein. And the amount of each vegetable that would make up 1 zone block. You, the cook, decides how to mix and match your daily veggies and fruits in your own recipes.

After reading this book, I found out that artichokes and eggplants lower blood cholesterol, kale is rich in folate (which helps prevent artery wall damages), apples and okra have soluble fibers which help stabilize blood sugars, and onions are more powerful at lowering blood sugar naturally than medications (which have a slingshot effect – they work for a short time, and if you stop taking them, your blood sugar goes right back up).

Just these facts were worth it for me to buy this book. Like all Chinese, we believe food and medicine is the same. I’d rather do it by diet than having to spend $$$ for medications. Besides, all medications have long term side effects.

The only reason I gave this book 4 stars, is because they don’t have information on a lot of asian veggies that we eat on daily basis – gailan (chinese broccoli), amaranth leaves, pea shoots, bamboo shoots, gobo (burdock root), opo squash, wintermelon, bean sprouts, daikon (icicle radish), loofah squash, yo choy, sen choy (red spinach), tree ear mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc etc. It would be great to see Dr. Sears include more “exotic” fruits and veggies in his next version.

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