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The Time I Drank Too Much Wine and Got Yelled At In French

Posted Oct 18 2010 11:47am

You know what I love? A big plate of mussels in garlic and white wine sauce at a small Paris bistro.

You want to know what I also love? Laughing so hard it hurts while mistakenly eating goat instead of beef at a tiny Jamaican burger shack.

Oh, and I also really love diving into big plates of oysters drenched in buttery hot sauce somewhere on the Northern California coast.

A couple meals in my life have really stood out as being “extra memorable”. You know, the type of meal that’s perfect in every way, whether from the company, the place or the food itself.

The type of meal you know you’ll tell your future kids about and the type of meal that, if you close your eyes and concentrate, you can still taste.

The type of meal that just remembering makes you smile.

Today I would like to tell you about the above photo because that meal my mom and I shared in Paris was certainly one of my most memorable.

I had just turned twenty two and was studying abroad in Paris. My mom was visiting for a week, and for dinner one night we went to this tiny restaurant on Ile Saint Louis. We went because my mom remembered going with a girlfriend back when she was a flight attendant in the seventies and was in Paris on a layover.

The restaurant was dark and cave-like and when we ordered, the server brought out huge baskets of fresh vegetables, charcuterie and farm fresh eggs for us to build our own meal. And so we did.

For the next hour and a half, we drank cheap French wine and build gigantic salads with fresh romaine, red bell pepper strips and cucumber rounds. On the side, we ate salty strips of meat and stinky French cheese smeared on chewy, crusty bread. I was glowing in a way that only a twenty two year old girl in Paris for the first time can glow, and then after we left the restaurant I got confused and tried to go into the next door grocery shop through the narrow cashier’s exit.

And then I got yelled at by a little Frenchman and my mom and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

And then I went in the store the right way, bought way too much chocolate, and then went to bed.

The End.

What’s one of your most memorable meals? Details, please!

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