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The Things I’m Most Afraid Of {Blog Every Day in May}

Posted May 07 2013 11:28am
To continue the Blog Every Day in May challenge , here is today’s prompt:

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of.

If you had asked me, “what are you afraid of?” one year ago, my answer would have been different than it is today. And those fears would have been different from my fears two years ago, which is different from my fears three years ago, and four, and ten, and fifteen, and certainly different from twenty years ago.

When I was five, I was scared of spider webs. Not so much the spiders themselves, but the webs. To be honest, they still freak me out a little.

spider web 400x267 The Things Im Most Afraid Of {Blog Every Day in May}

( source )

At age eleven, I was scared of being weird. It was my first year going to public school (having been homeschooled my entire life up to then).

At twelve I was scared of dying. I think everyone has this fear at some point.

At fifteen, I was scared that I would never find a boyfriend. Four years later I met my future husband.

DSC04024 400x300 The Things Im Most Afraid Of {Blog Every Day in May}

(us at the piano, Miami, summer 2006)

At eighteen, I was scared I wouldn’t make any friends in college. Eight years later I am still friends with people that I met the very first day of school. We have our five year reunion coming up in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.

At twenty I was scared of being fat, and sometimes I was even scared of certain foods. I had these fears until I was at least twenty-four. I love food, and sharing food with those I love, and making it. (I especially love macro plates.)

ozu macro plate 400x224 The Things Im Most Afraid Of {Blog Every Day in May}

At twenty-two I was scared I would never find a job I liked. I had this fear until I was twenty-five. I love my job.

I was never scared of getting married, which I did at twenty-three.

maggie bobby aisle luminaria 400x267 The Things Im Most Afraid Of {Blog Every Day in May}


Sometimes I am scared of getting older.

Sometimes I am scared that I will never feel exactly settled. And at the same time I am scared of settling; I am scared of staying in one place.

I am scared of obvious things, like that New York will flood again (Sandy) and my apartment will be destroyed.

I’m scared of losing the people and animals I love. Or getting an injury and not being able to practice yoga (maybe selfish, but it’s a real fear). Or what about going through life and never making your mark, never accomplishing anything?

I don’t think about fears that often. I think I’m happier when I think of all the great things in life, rather than things that may or may not happen that I really have no control of. I think all fears come down to one thing: not knowing, and not being able to control, if something bad happens to you.

May200x200 zpsf8349f10 The Things Im Most Afraid Of {Blog Every Day in May}

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