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The Tal Reinhart Facial Workout Because the Muscles Dont End at the Neck Facelift Plastic Surgery

Posted May 03 2010 9:29pm

The Tal Reinhart Facial Workout Because the Muscles Dont End at the Neck Facelift Plastic Surgery

Because the muscles don’t end at the neck! Our face, constantly exposed, is our calling card. We may have toned bodies and great skin, but once our facial and neck muscles sag; they make us look tired, drained and old. Facial and neck muscles can be exercised just like any other muscle, to strengthen and sculpt it anew. The exercises illustrated in this DVD provide a great foundation for daily workouts that will naturally lift, strengthen and sculpt those muscles, creating a refreshed look that is firm and youthful. The course is comprised of seven segments: Forehead, Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks, Jaw and Neck; a Full Exercise Routine. The Facial Training method presented in the course was developed by Tal Reinharts. Tal specializes in a wide variety of physical training and dance methods. Her studies and extensive training has culminated in the development and refinement of this method for Facial Training. Color – 65 minutes.

4 Stars Quite Worthwhile
I have been doing various schools of facial exercise for some time. This is a solid one. Its advantages are a quick and thorough “Full Routine” and a lively ‘let’s get this done and over with’ enjoyable soundtrack and ambiance. I plan on doing more reps of each exercise in the Full Routine on my own while using the nonstop soundtrack that plays when the dvd is loaded. The “Cheeks Side to Side” exercise at first struck me as useless. I was quite wrong! After about a week when I had developed the right coordination it really kicked in and I now consider it one of the best facial exercises for cheeks I’ve come across.

I will be looking forward eagerly to an advanced dvd from this instructor asap.

5 Stars It works so fast!
I have been using the dvd for just 6 days, and all the wrinkles on my forehead are gone. I had a deep furrow between my eyebrows from scowling for so many of my 46 years and it is totally gone. My eyelids are lifting also. I am thrilled with this dvd. I enjoy doing the entirety of it. If I can spend an hour a day undoing what time, gravity, stress, and sun has ravaged on my face, it is very worth it. I can’t wait to see what the results will be after a month, 2 months, and so on.

4 Stars Its really great.
I really like this DVD!!Its actually pretty fun and you can really feel your face burning from the workout. Its a great facial workout DVD.

5 Stars Informative and stimulating!
I bought this video a couple years ago and misplaced it. I just found it recently and started doing the exercises again. The video is very well explained and easy to follow. The one thing I’d like to mention is that the models make it look very easy, so at first, I wasn’t exercising the facial muscles as hard as I should have been. I’ve since done differently, and I can really feel the burn. It’s too early to tell visibly if it is working, but I do feel the difference after each workout, just as I do when I exercise my body. My sister has the DVD, and she told me that her beautician recently told her she could definitely see a difference in her facial structure. I think it is well worth the money! I also own the Carol Maggio DVD, but I find that she goes very quickly in explaining the routine, and I had a hard time sticking with it and wasn’t sure if I was doing the exercises correctly. I really like this DVD, however.

5 Stars The Truth
I ve a male and I am 63. I ve been using this DVD for about 2 years. I pass for 50-51 with no sweat, and could maybe even go late 40s. This DVD works really well. I do it 5 days a week in the shower as I take a shower and use good face cream products. I can tell by the reviews that Facersize is in direct competition with this product and of course they are going to slam it. Do you really think they are going to write “great DVD” ?? This product has worked great for me and I looked everyday of 60 when I started using this and today, I ve lost 10 years worth of aging in my face. This has really diminished the crows feet and the jowels and completely removed my “double chin” Now if they just had something for the hands..

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