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The Spark The 28 Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight Getting Fit and Transforming Your Life

Posted Nov 07 2010 6:01am

The Spark The 28 Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight Getting Fit and Transforming Your Life

A revolution is taking place! Millions of people are discovering a new way of thinking about their weight, their health, and their lives. They are taking part in a visionary approach to weight loss that combines goal setting, nutrition, exercise, motivation, and community that has a proven track record of ten million pounds lost.

From the experts who created, one of the most successful online weight-loss programs to date, comes The Spark, a ground-breaking book that focuses on what you can do, instead of what you can’t do. The Spark is about transforming your life and your idea of what dieting means.

With dozens of photos—including stunning before-and-after shots and easy-to-follow exercise images—this book distills the best of SparkPeople’s medically accepted nutrition and fitness plan and infuses it with a program of personal empowerment. In this book, you’ll discover:

· Secrets of Success—the best habits of SparkPeople’s most successful members

· A 28-day program that brings together the most effective practices from SparkPeople into an innovative 4-stage plan, available only in this book

· Dozens of success stories that show the power of this transformational program

The Spark delivers inspirational health and weight-loss advice that will surely spark countless lives.

5 Stars A wonderful guide to repairing your life !!
Not only is ” The Spark ” a wonderful tool for losing weight it’s also a marvelous life tool !!

The book shows us that nothing is unattainable !!

Chris Downe is ” paying it forward” to the world .

Combine this book with his free website [...] if you want to go further than you have ever gone in the regular old ” dieting” world .

Make a lifestyle change , you can do it !! woohoo !!

5 Stars Great Motivator
I’ve been “sparking” on [...] for some time but just recently purchased and started reading the book. The book is a great motivator and addition to the web site. Highly recommend both.

3 Stars Doesn’t stand out in the competitive field of weight loss books
Chris Downie is not a writer, and the bulk of the book is “success stories” from people who have followed the SparkPeople principles to success. It’s a boring read, but it does have some useful information. For instance, I liked Downie’s suggestion about deciding what character qualities you would like to have and working toward them. And the SparkStreak idea is useful, though nothing new.

The main ideas that propel the book are that it’s important to have a community supporting the lifestyle changes you make, and that success with your weight will propel you to reach other goals in your life. The book constantly refers to the SparkPeople website, which many people may find useful but is too clunky and complex for my tastes. “The Spark” is big on ideas and light on substance, so you probably will need the website to figure out exactly how to implement its suggestions. The SparkPoints program has ridiculous prizes like…a phone call from the author. Who cares?

Finally, the four-week program and its “action steps” are overly simplistic. This book may help you get jumpstarted and give you a few useful tips, but it’s not an engaging read. If you love the SparkPeople website, it may be worth spending your money on the book just to have everything printed in one place. If you’re not a fan, don’t waste your money.

2 Stars Waste of money
There is really nothing new or special in this book. I got tired of reading about the author and how awesome he is. The website is all you need. It will give you exercise tips, recipes, etc. for FREE.

5 Stars One person can change a life
When I stumbled upon the SparkPeople website and learned more details of this book, I knew I had to really study it. I had never seen such a positive community, one seeming more interested in helping others even more than netting “subscribers”.

Chris Downie does an excellent job of explaining the behind-the-scenes story of how and why he began SparkPeople. His use of motivating testimonials drives home the main point that YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! Although his plan is subtitled, “The 28 Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life,” Chris simplifies how different areas of your life can affect each other. He shows how nutrition, exercise, and the right attitude are key tools in any physical transformation.

Breaking up what might normally be monotonous details, scattered quotes from SparkPeople community members and real-life examples go far to keep the reader’s interest. There might be something seriously wrong with you, if you can’t feel motivated and prepared to make the change(s) you need in your life, after reading THE SPARK!

As you read the book, or even beforehand, be sure to check out the SparkPeople website to see how much fun it really can be to change your lifestyle for the better! It truly is unlike any other “plan” out there today!

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