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The South Beach Diet Super Charged Workout

Posted May 02 2010 1:32pm

The South Beach Diet Super Charged Workout

Movie DVD

3 Stars alright but….
The workout is alright. I did get a sweat going after 6 minutes of the first 20 minute segment. What I did realize while doing it was you could get the same type of workout by reading a workout magazine’s excerpt. It wasn’t unique.

The good thing was that my kids found it easy to do with me so if you are looking for a workout to do along side a 3 year old and a 1 year old, this one might work for you for the first 20 minute segment.

4 Stars Great Workout Video
South Beach Diet Supercharge Workout DVD is GREAT!!!! I first tried this out prior to purchasing it and after doing bout 10 workouts I started seeing a change in my body and it was more lean and starting to firm up. Even everyone around me noticed and made comments. I think its the combination of cardio, muscle strength with the weight and pilates that helps give an over all workout. I have been working out for 10 years and after doing certain workouts I feel a certain way, well afer doing this workout I still feel the affects of it hours later and my resting heart rate is higher so I know I am burning way more calories hours later. Definitely if you want to see results and get in shape, this is one workout you have to buy.

4 Stars Super Charged
This is a great cardio workout when you are short on time. You can modify this for more or less intensity to suit your needs.

4 Stars Great workout!
I have been on the South Beach Diet for 5 1/2 weeks, I’m down 18lbs and I really needed a better workout than what I was doing. The SBD Supercharged DVD was a great workout, I was exhausted afterwards and that is exactly what I was looking for! The only thing I had a problem with was that there was a lot of jumping in the cardio section and it kind of hurt my knees and I’m only 21! There wasn’t really any streching leading into the cardio, luckily I had just walked a mile before starting it but if I hadn’t I could have possibly hurt my knees even more!

Along with the cardio I did select parts of the Phase 2 workout, mainly focusing on arms and abs and today I feel great! I can actually feel my ab muscles! It is a great workout just make sure to strech beforehand!

5 Stars I Love This Workout DVD
I love the workouts on this DVD. The music, instructor, and backround of the book are all great. It’s easy enough for beginners yet effective enough for intermediate and advanced. This is all you need for a total body workout..I just started the program, and will have to give you an update in a couple of months. Dr. Agatston A+ to you.


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