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The Sore Leg Mystery: Solved

Posted Oct 25 2010 12:00am

A little while ago I had a mystery on my hands . My legs were constantly sore, running was suddenly nearly unbearable, and my flexibility was completely shot.

I wasn’t quite sure why but I had a very strong inkling that the ridiculously cheap and completely unsupportive runners I had been wearing for the past several months leading up to such pains may have been the culprit.

So nearly one month ago I decided to buck up and buy lovely new gel-cushioned Asics runners in the hopes of solving my sore leg mystery. And I think it’s now definitely safe to say – Mystery Solved. Within a week my legs were much less tight and now, with a month of running in the new kicks under my belt, my legs are virtually never sore, my flexibility has completely returned and runs are SO much easier and SO much more enjoyable.

Moral of the story: Invest in GOOD runners. And replace them regularly. I know we all hear this and many of you do it already but if you happen to be slightly cynical like me and think you can beat the system by getting away with running miles and miles in cheap runners… you can’t. You will suffer. You will burn out. And you will have to go and get yourself good quality runners anyway to reverse the damage.

( )

So do yourself a favour, buy some nice cushy kicks , and fly through every minute of your sweat session.

On another consumer goods note, remember when those Honest Foods Granola Planks were all over the blogosphere a little while back? Well with the chance of finding those in Canada pretty slim, I never got to jump onto that trend.

At least not at the time…until I stumbled upon some this weekend at Winners ! It’s a random store like that. Which is why I love it. So better late than never, I now get to finally try an Honest apparently renamed to Earnest Eats granola plank. It shall be cracked soon. Clearly I also picked up some Blue Agave Nectar. They had several different varieties. I don’t know the difference. Wikipedia has a nice little sum up of flavour differences. Anybody ever compared these?


Winners also has a lot of pretty cheap perfume. Not gonna lie, I bought this mainly because I liked the packaging.


I didn’t really take any food photos this weekend. Mainly because I was either at work, snacking, eating too many burnt cookies or feeling out of sorts (which may or may not have been due to a slightly overindulgent Saturday night out).

But today I did!

Exhibit A: Bowl of cottage cheese, grapes, Vector cereal, flax & grocery store brown rice California rolls. My taste buds clearly craved intense variety in taste and texture today.


Exhibit B: A fully loaded salad: spinach, cabbage slaw, cucumbers, pickle, baked potato bits, spoonful of brown rice, spoonful of tzaziki, drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and a mini pita with tuna on the side.


Exhibit C: Defrosted homemade rice veggie burger on mini pita with garden vegetable cream cheese, mustard and Frank’s. Side of kale chips dipped in Ketchup.


Exhibits B2, B3, C2 and C3 (aka snacks, bites, and munchers) are not for the viewing public (aka didn’t get photographed).

Now I need to get down to work. Aka school work. Which will actually end up being Halloween costume research first. I still don’t know what I want to be, but my at home resources are pretty limited so I’m thinking I might have to run out and try to find something… before it’s too late! Throwing together a last minute costume is not fun.


What are your favourite runners? 
And your plans for Halloween?

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