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The Sonoma Diet Trimmer Waist Better Health in Just 10 Days

Posted Sep 29 2010 6:39am

The Sonoma Diet Trimmer Waist Better Health in Just 10 Days

The Sonoma Diet emphasizes readily available Power Foods (like whole grain breads and sweet berries) that deliver heart-protective nutrients with a minimum of calories. And you’ll eat these foods in smart combinations that boost their health benefits, their flavor, and your weight loss success.

5 Stars Best Diet Ever
I am so excited about this diet, it’s been 15 days and I have lost 15 pounds, I’ve followed the instructions completely. I sit at a table and take my time and I’m very satisfied and full when dinner is finished. I love the recipes, packed with flavor. I was excited after the 10 days to have my first glass of wine and was suprised how much I enjoyed it. No more sugar cravings either and the energy level is through the roof. Two thumbs up for this new way of eating.

5 Stars Don’t use “it’s the same as..” for another excuse to not lose weight
Losing weight is never as easy as gaining it. As I read thru most of the lower ratings, I can not help but get the feeling that they are using the “it’s the same as….” as one more excuse to not put in the effort to get healthy. If they are all the same, why are you not following one of them? Do you think they are ALL wrong? The first wave is NOT about starving. If you consider 1200 – 1600 calories a day starving, then perhaps you really do need to rethink your portion sizes and food choices – unless your are an athletic person, that is. Ever since I was in highschool I have had the line of thinking (as do all of my very young children) that fresh is better. Duh! This should not be a new concept to anyone. Fresh apple or apple pie? Not difficult. No fruit for the first 10 days. That is true. People can live months on water alone. Monks fast for a very long time with water only. They live. 10 days without fruit is no biggie. How often do you eat canned fruits and veggies? When is the last time you had anything uncooked? Fresh from the vine? You may as well not be eating fruits and veggies if that is what you are eating. The nutritional value is none existent. It is a tasty filler with no nutritional value. People are addicted to processed foods and sugars. I have friends who put sugar on their fruits! Dip strawberries in sugar! Good grief, that is sad. Ten days is a short time to try to break that addiction – that’s what leaving out the sugars and fruits is attempting to achieve. A teaspoon of sugar or a brownie once a week might be fine for some. A glass of wine once a week for an alcoholic or a cigarette once a week for person trying to quit smoking — is that acceptable? It really equates to the same thing. Some can handle, others not. ( By the way, stevia is natural and a sweetener. Grow your own if you want. Float a few leaves in your tea for sweetness. Dry it and grind it up and sprinkle over food. ) Society has been conditioned to think of eating control or lack of it as being mentally weak. Maybe. How would you feel if you were told that needing to gather once a week to be told what your faith is (going to church) made you mentally weak and that your faith is your own, why do you need someone to tell you about it? You would be pretty disgusted and upset and unlikely to stop going to church. Everyone has their crutches and beliefs. It is just that others are intolerant of the needs of others. Some people learn visually. Some by experience. Some people who diet actually need to follow a “formula” (eat this at 9 am and drink this 20 minutes after you eat that…) because they are uncertain of their abilities to get this exactly right. (That is what is required of them all their lives while going to school, so not getting things just right will mean that they will fail. So they just want to follow the guideline exactly.) The point of this book (and others that are similar) is to help those people understand what a truly necessary portion is (in this case their guidelines are relaxed and based on portions that fit on a section of the plate so no measuring, just get close because it doesn’t matter so long as it fits into the section with out being piled up), and what/why of food choices. The beginning does not jump right in and begin with the diet. It goes thru explanations – you can skip over it if you choose. It has a wave 1 and wave 2 menu plan so that for the first 24 days or so you can follow it or you can make up your own with the information you are given. Wave 1 is to help you adjust to smaller portions, get away from sugar by eliminating it and staying away from sweet things like fruits just in case that would cause you to crave the sugary things because many desserts are made with fruits and may make you crave them – and fast weight loss. You can follow the menus exactly or you can substitute your own choices according to your lifestyle needs. Wave two increases portion sizes and adds more food back in to your everyday diet. The goal of wave 2 is steady weight loss and to help you just reset your way of thinking about food. It is not an exact diet to follow. It is a way of everyday eating that should not be considered a strict diet, per se. It is about gradual weight loss by just changing what you eat. Making better eating choices for the rest of your life. Showing you that there are some really great food options and to explore new foods, new flavors – including new fruits and veggies and condiments. You should be moving towards this way of eating becoming second nature to you. Not a diet. Loving fresh, whole foods. Craving flavor instead of masking it with salt and sugar. Unfortunately, I can not think of many places in the U.S. set up the way the towns are in Europe. It is quite difficult to survive without a car. Instead of neighborhoods to shop in, we have shopping centers that are separated by miles. In the mid/midwest regions just going to the store can involve a 15 or 20 mile drive. Not really practical to walk. A transit system of rails and such like they have in Japan, Germany, France, etc…that would be lovely. DC is pretty good and a few other cities, but it is still not truly practical in many cases to be without a vehicle. I guess we need to really start pressuring our politicians to stop buckling to the auto and oil industry and get us some rails? I agree that our society would be much more fit (not necessarily more healthy) if we could walk as much as they do in Europe. Being thin on a steady diet of doughnuts will not make you healthy, just thin. But that is not an option, so you will have to find a way to start moving. Ballroom dance, sports, skiing, swimming, surfing, running….whatever it is that you love to do that won’t make it feel like exercising and that you will crave to do…that is what you should do. You do not have to lift weights/go to a gym/hire a trainer. It is like your job, find something that you love to do and you will never work a day in your life. Find an activity that you love to do and you will never exercise a day in your life. You will rush to do it. Crave it. Want it. That is the activity you need to explore for yourself. Then it won’t be work any longer. It will be a hobby. Fun. Follow a program that you like for the diet. If you like fruits and veggies, then this type of diet is for you. It is relaxed and has a lot of fruits and veggies as you get further into it. Eat as many of them as fresh as you can or lightly heated/steamed and your body will thank you for it. Thin does not equal healthy. You have to give your body plenty of clean water and fresh , whole foods so that it can take care of itself regardless of what plan you follow. And choose to leave no stone unturned. In life and in food choices. Try new things and then wait and try them again because things taste different during different times of the year. Not everything has to be covered in salt and sugar to be fabulous. Crepes with lightly warmed fruit, cinnamon, a dash of wine, and a squirt of agave or honey makes a great treat if you must have something dessert like. No white sugar necessary. If you are confused about what you are reading there are online support forums. The books generally have their own, but 3fatchicks has a great and supportive community as well that can be very helpful with a variety of diet plans being discussed. I happen to like this book and do not find it unrealistic at all, but go to your library, pull the books that you are pondering, look at them and see what feels right to you. Many really are saying the same thing and that should say something to you. They must be right. Then just be strong and don’t let well meaning friends/family lead you astray. Do something wonderful for yourself. Give yourself the gift of health. While you are at it……….why not start today? There is no magical formula or magical pills – the magic happens when you embrace a new way of thinking, living, and eating. Be aware that adding a lot of whole, fresh fruits and veggies and less junk can increase the rate your body metabolizes things. Grapefruit is the most commonly known example of that. You do not need to be alarmed, but you really need to have your doctor help you from day one with that. Have your doctor help you monitor your prescription meds as you incorporate these things into your daily diet. And it can happen quickly so definitely be practical and have your doctor help you frequently and from the beginning so that you do not accidentally overdose and feel sicker even though you take the same amount prescribed. Adjustments may need to be made as you lose weight as well because that is also a variable used to prescribe or you might not feel so great after all. If your doctor is resistant, find one who will support you. A doctor should be helping you to move towards better health, not more prescriptions.

1 Star Not What I expected
When we received the book, there was something missing. There should have been a folder enclosed to give you quick ideas for recipes. We were very disappointed in the product.

5 Stars Well Pleased
I was very well pleased with the product (book), and also the timely delivery. It was a great buy.

5 Stars Best Purchase I’ve done in a long time

I was very pleased on how fast I received this purchase. I have put this life change to work and it seems to be doing what I expected it to do. Thanks to the author and Amazon for making this available. Looking forward to a healthier life here in the near future. Thank agian.

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