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The Snack Table

Posted by Teresa J.

What can you do to contribute to a healthy snack table? Over the holidays, we are tempted to cheat on our healthy diets with delectable treats, but perhaps we can skip all that by offering up healthy snack tables.

As we all know, healthy snack tables start with fruit and veggie trays. Cut up pineapple is always popular. Add in some pretty fruits to add colour and a good fruit dip and you're all set.

Why not make up your own party mix? Throw in some colourful dried cranberries and other dried fruits, and then keep mouths busy with sunflower seeds. After that, add in whole wheat pretzels to round things out.

Popcorn is always popular. Just do without all the heavy toppings, like butter, and opt for something a little lighter if need be. Have a powdered popcorn topping buffet. Garlic powder, cinnamon, paprika, and grated parmesan are good choices.

Make yogurt with granola and some fruit for taste and dole it out in pretty dessert dishes. It is the parfait treat.

For the kids:

-apples with peanut butter spread over them


-apricot pieces are pretty and kids seem to like the taste

-cheese sandwich quarters

-frozen yogurt

and with that, happy holiday parties to you!

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